Session 33. Innovation and research for developing the horse Sector Equine practice in Science – Part 2

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Date: 2nd September 2015; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: A. Stojanowska/D. Lewczuk

Theatre Session 33

Horses, humans, and life in the 21 century: new challenges, new opportunities
Invited R. Evans

How to evaluate the welfare of racing and sport horses?
Invited M. Minero

Horse purchases, horse husbandry and riding schools: key quality demands of ‘tomorrow’s customers’
K. Wiegand, C. Ikinger and A. Spiller


Equitation science: a research-based approach to improved understanding of horse perspective
Invited C.L. Wickens

Improving horse businesses by introducing the lean production process model – an exploratory study
J. Owall and A. Herlin

An explorative study on the potentials for an animal welfare label for horse husbandry in Germany
C. Ikinger and A. Spiller

Reserach funding in Norway/Sweden
Invited S. Johanson

How to fund the equine research
Invited P. Lekeux