Session 33. Interactions between stress, metabolism and immunity

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Date: 27 August 2014; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: A. Prunier/E. Merlot

Theatre Session 33

14.00 Factors that impact the stress and immune responses of beef cattle and swine
Invited J.A. Carroll, N.C. Burdick Sanchez, T.H. Welsh Jr. and R.D. Randel

14.45 Research overview: the impact of animal transport on the health and welfare of beef cattle
Invited B. Earley

15.30 Blood transcriptome response to LPS in pigs
E. Merlot, A. Prunier, M. Damon, F. Vignoles, N. Villa-Vialaneix, P. Mormède and E. Terenina


16.15 Tradeoff between production and survival under stress: role of glucose sparing by the mammary gland
Invited N. Silanikove

17.00 Can biomarkers for oxidative stress early predict Bovine respiratory disease in calves?
V. Sibony, M. Yishay, R. Agmon, A. Orlov, S. Khatib, J. Vaya and A. Shabtay

17.15 Organic selenium and chromium supplements in female lambs: transportation stress responses
A. Mousaie, R. Vlizadeh and A.A. Naserian


Poster Session 33

Tryptophan supplementation as stress modulator in steers
G. Marin and R. Larrain

Effect of rearing system on Iberian piglet’s cortisol concentration at weaning
F. Gonzalez, J. Robledo, J.A. Andrada, J.D. Vargas and M. Aparicio

Effect of weaning age on Iberian piglet’s cortisol concentration and performance
F. Gonzalez, J. Robledo, J.A. Andrada, J.D. Vargas and M. Aparicio

A metabolic factor that influences the somatic cell count in the milk of lactating cows after intram
S. Kushibiki, S. Shingu, Y. Kiku, T. Hayashi and S. Inumaru