Session 34. All aspects of automatic milking including combination with grazing (in cooperation with EU project Autograssmilk)

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Date: 2nd September 2015; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: A. Van Den Pol-Van Dasselaar/C. Foley

Theatre Session 34

AUTOGRASSMILK – combining automatic milking and precision grazing
Invited B. O’brien, A. Van Den Pol-Van Dasselaar, F. Oudshoorn, E. Sporndly, V. Brocard and I. Dufrasne

Pasture-based automatic milking systems in Australia
Invited N. Lyons

Challenging land fragmentation thanks to a mobile milking robot: two cases of implementation
V. Brocard, I. Dufrasne, I. Lessire and J. Francois

Drivers for grazing and barriers to grazing on dairy farms with and without automatic milking
A. Van Den Pol-Van Dasselaar

Milk production, milking frequency and rumination time of grazing dairy cows milked by a mobile AMS
F. Lessire, J.L. Hornick, J. Minet and I. Dufrasne


Genetic evaluation for automatic milking system traits in the Netherlands
J.J. Vosman, G. De Jong and H. Eding

How reliable are milk sample data from AMS for decision support and regular recording?
P. Lovendahl, M. Bjerring, K. De Koning and C. Allain

Successful grazing with automatic milking
A.J. Van Der Kamp, G.L. De Jong, A. Gouw and T. Joosten

Effect of milking frequency on hoof health and locomotion scores of cows in a pasture based AMS
J. Shortall, K. O’driscoll, C. Foley, R. Sleator and B. O’brien

The economic and environmental performance of grazing and zero-grazing systems in a post-quota era
C.W. Klootwijk, C.E. Van Middelaar, A. Van Den Pol-Van Dasselaar, P.B.M. Berentsen and I.J.M. De Boer

Successful combining of robotic milking- and grazing-strategies in the Dutch context
M. Vrolijk, A.P. Philipsen, J.M.R. Cornelissen and R. Schepers


Poster Session 34

Automatic milking within a grass based dairy farming system
B. O’brien, C. Foley and J. Shortall

Effect of short-term incentive and priority yard on waiting times in a pasture-based robotic system
V.E. Scott, K.L. Kerrisk, S.C. Garcia and N.A. Lyons

Transient effect of two milking permission levels on milking frequency in an AMS with grazing
C. Foley, J. Shortall and B. O’brien

Equations to predict grass metabolisable energy in pasture-based systems
S. Stergiadis, M. Allen, X.J. Chen, D. Wills and T. Yan