Session 34. Horse business meeting and free communications

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Date: 29 August 2012; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Miraglia

Theatre Session 

In vivo performance of Italian Heavy Draught Horse foals fed two diets with different protein levels
Mantovani, R., Guzzo, N., Sartori, C. and Bailoni, L.

Insulin, metabolites and arachidonic acid in horses offered linseed and sunflower oils
Patoux, S., Robaye, V., Dotreppe, O., Istasse, L. and Hornick, J.L.

Duration and frequency of suckling by foals during the first 3 months of age
Kaić, A., Boštic, T. and Potočnik, K.

Factors influencing stallion reproductive success in Swedish warmblood riding horses and trotters
Eriksson, S., Johansson, K. and Jönsson, L.

Impact of different health disorders on length of reproductive life in warmblood stallions
Bernhard, V. and König V. Borstel, U.

Biotechnologies of reproduction in the horse: what has changed?
Reis, A.P., Palmer, E. and Nakhla, M.

Horse clones registration: historic, scientific and rationale basis
Palmer, E. and Reis, A.P.


Poster Session 

Horse welfare and behavior in therapeutic riding
Miraglia, N., Cerino, S., Pierni, E. and Gagliardi, D.