Session 35. Advances in genomic selection

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Date: 31 August 2016; 8:30- 14:00 hours
Chairperson: H. Mulder


Theatre Session 35

Multi-breed genomic evaluations for 1 million beef cattle in Ireland
invited A.R. Cromie, R. Evans, J.F. Kearney, M. McClure, J. McCarthy and D.P. Berry

APY inverse of genomic relationship matrix: theory, analyses and questions
I. Misztal, I. Pocrnic, D. Lourenco and Y. Masuda

Single-step genomic evaluation with many more genotyped animals
E.A. Mäntysaari and I. Strandén

Test-Day single-step genomic evaluation using APY algorithm
M. Koivula, I. Strandén, G.P. Aamand and E.A. Mäntysaari

Efficient computations for single-step genomic evaluation
I. Strandén, K. Matilainen, G.P. Aamand and E.A. Mäntysaari

Dimensionality of genomic information and APY inverse of the genomic relationship matrix
I. Pocrnic, I. Misztal, D.A.L. Lourenco, Y. Masuda and A. Legarra

‘Gene dropping A’: Avoiding classical computations of the numerator relationship matrix in genomics
C. Edel, E.C.G. Pimentel, R. Emmerling and K.U. Götz

Single-step SNP-BLUP with on-the-fly imputed genotypes and residual polygenic effects
M. Taskinen, E.A. Mäntysaari and I. Strandén

Single-step GBLUP using APY inverse for protein yield in US Holstein
Y. Masuda, I. Misztal and T.J. Lawlor

Single step Marker Assisted Selection in breeding value estimation: do markers add value?
B. Zumbach, M.S. Lopes, S. Wijga, R. Bergsma and E.F. Knol

Single-step genomic evaluation for fertility in Nordic Red dairy cattle
K. Matilainen, I. Strandén, G.P. Aamand and E.A. Mäntysaari

Identification of key contributors to increase phasing accuracy in complex population structures
M. Neuditschko, H.W. Raadsma, M.S. Khatkar, E. Jonas, E.J. Steinig, C. Flury, H. Signer-Hasler, M. Frischknecht, R. Von Niedrhäusern, T. Leeb and S. Rieder

Multi-varietal genomic selection in French pig populations
C. Carillier-Jacquin, L. Tussel, J. Riquet, M.J. Mercat and C. Larzul


Posters Session

Justification for setting individual animal genotype call rate threshold at 85%
D.C. Purfield, M. McClure and D.P. Berry

Detection of pig genome regions determining performance traits
A. Borowska, H. Reyer, K. Wimmers, P.F. Varley and T. Szwaczkowski

Characteristics of haplotypes in a multi-breed dairy and beef cattle population
T.R. Carthy, D.C. Purfield, M. McClure and D.P. Berry

SNP clustering associated with performance traits in chicken: entropy analysis
M. Graczyk, H. Reyer, K. Wimmers, R. Hawken and T. Szwaczkowski

A genome-wide association study using CNVs for production traits in Brown Swiss dairy cattle
R.T.M.M. Prinsen, M.G. Strillacci, F. Schiavini, A. Rossoni, B. Gredler, M.A. Dolezal, A. Bagnato and A. Bieber

Analysis of FSHB gene polymorphism in Polish Landrace and Polish Large White × Polish Landrace sows
D. Polasik, M. Kumalska, Y. Sawaragi, G. Żak, M. Tyra, P. Urbański and A. Terman

Genotyping-by-sequencing application to different livestock species
A. Gurgul, A. Miksza-Cybulska, I. Jasielczuk, T. Szmatoła and M. Bugno-Poniewierska

Extent of linkage disequilibrium and haplotype block structure in Limousine and Simmental cattle
I. Jasielczuk, A. Gurgul, T. Szmatoła, T. Ząbek and M. Bugno-Poniewierska

Effect of QTL number and minor allele frequency, and marker density on genomic evaluation
E. Karaman and M.Z. Firat