Session 35. Future challenges and strategies for smallholders

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Date: 2nd September 2015; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: S. Oosting

Theatre Session 35

How historical background influenced size and efficiency of farms in Central and Eastern Europe
Invited P. Polak

The vulnerability of goat production in the Mediterranean region
O.F. Godber and R. Wall

Economic and technical structure of the water buffalo breeders: the case of Turkey
M. Gul, M.G. Akpinar, Y. Tascioglu, B. Karli and Y. Bozkurt

Self-sufficient pasture-based farms enhance economic performance and provision of ecosystem services
R. Ripoll-Bosch, E. Tello, T. Rodriguez-Ortega, M. Joy, I. Casasus and A. Bernues

Drivers of the competing use of land: the case study of the pheripheral zone of the National Park W
C. Tamou, R. Ripoll Bosch and S.J. Oosting

African Chicken Genetic Gains (ACGG) Program: an innovative way of delivering improved genetics
T. Dessie, J. Bruno, F. Sonaiya and J. Van Arendonk


Cross-breeding in developing countries: extent, constraints and opportunities
G. Leroy, B. Scherf, I. Hoffmann, P. Boettcher, D. Pilling and R. Baumung

Goat breeding strategies of farmers in Nepal
B. Moser, R. Roschinsky, C. Manandhar, M. Malla and M. Wurzinger

Meat research for market development for indigenous pork produced by smallholders in Son La, Vietnam
P.C. Muth, L.T.T. Huyen, A. Markemann and A. Valle Zarate

Diversity of pig farm types in the northern mountain of Vietnam and their sustainability
L.T.T. Huyen, N. Hostiou, S. Cournut, S. Messad and G. Duteurtre

Trajectories of changes of pig farms in Vietnam – comparison between a northern and a southern dist
N. Hostiou, L.T.T. Huyen, S. Cournut and G. Duteurtre

Goat feeding strategies of smallholders in Nepal in the context of climate change
C. Gerl, R. Roschinsky, C. Manandhar, M. Malla, M. Wurzinger and W. Zollitsch

Sustainable dairy intensification in Kenya: typologies of production systems and breeding practices
S.A. Migose, B.O. Bebe and S.J. Oosting


Poster Session 35

Meat quality of Thai indigenous crossbred chickens kept under free-range raising system
W. Molee, S. Khempaka and A. Molee

Factors affecting the sustainability of the production system of the Greek buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)
C. Ligda, D. Chatziplis, E. Komninou, S. Aggelopoulos, V.A. Bampidis and A. Georgoudis

Effects of the zootechnical parameters on the financial result: the case of Greek buffalo farms
S. Aggelopoulos, D. Chatziplis, C. Bogas, A. Georgoudis and V.A. Bampidis

Mastitis incidences in Greek buffalo farms
E. Palla, K. Mazaraki, A. Founta, I. Mitsopoulos, V. Lagka and V.A. Bampidis

Effect of forage type on milk production and quality of Greek buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)
I. Mitsopoulos, V. Christodoulou, B. Skapetas, E. Nistor, K. Vasileiadis, D. Nitas and V.A. Bampidis

An assessment of factors affecting water buffalo breeding decisions of the enterprises in Turkey
M.G. Akpinar, M. Gul, Y. Tascioglu, B. Karli and Y. Bozkurt

Characterization of farming systems in land reform farms of the Waterberg District Municipality, RSA
A.J. Netshipale