Session 35. Sheep and Goats business meeting and free communications

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Date: 29 August 2012; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Bodin

Theatre Session

Residual feed intake divergent selection in sheep
Francois, D., Bouvier, F., Ricard, E., Bourdillon, Y., Weisbecker, J.L. and Marcon, D.

Effect of mixing grass silage with concentrate on feed intake in ewes and live weight gain in lambs
Helander, C., Nadeau, E., Nørgaard, P. and Arnesson, A.

A novel approach to the prediction of carcasses composition of lambs
Cadavez, V.A.P. and Henningsen, A.

Investigation on specific combining abilities of Merinos and several sire sheep breeds for lamb meat
Henseler, S., Preuss, S. and Bennewitz, J.

Genetic improvement in the dairy goat sector in Germany
Hamann, H., Herold, P., Wenzler, J.G., Mendel, C., Krogmeier, D. and Götz, K.U.


Poster Session

Estimates of genetic parameters for growth traits in Arabi sheep
Shakrollahi, B., Baneh, H. and Karimi, K.

Fatty acids profile of intramuscular and extramuscular fats in lambs raised under grazing system
Margetín, M., Apolen, D., Polák, P., Zaujec, K., Debrecéni, O., Vavrišinová, K., Kubinec, R., Blaško, J. and Soják, L.

Fattening performance and carcass traits of local a Romanian breed crossed with meat rams
Ghita, E., Lazar, C., Pelmus, R., Dragomir, C., Mihalcea, T., Ropota, M. and Gras, M.

Dietary NSC levels and its effect on rumen development of Döhne Merino lambs
Le Roux, M., Van De Vyver, W.F.J. and Hoffman, L.C.

Chemical composition of meat from lambs fed ‘in nature’ or hydrolyzed sugar cane
Endo, V., Da Silva Sobrinho, A.G., Zeola, N.M.B.L., De Almeida, F.A., Lima, N.L.L. and Manzi, G.M.

Use of ultrasound to predict carcass composition and evaluation of carcass and meat traits in lambs
Esquivelzeta, C., Casellas, J., Fina, M. and Piedrafita, J.

Possibility of using ultrasound measurements for in vivo assessment of heavy lambs
Polák, P., Tomka, J., Krupová, Z., Oravcová, M., Margetín, M., Apolen, D. and Zaujec, K.

Determination of the most appropriate growth curve model and growth characteristics in Norduz Kids
Özel, D. and Aygün, T.

Evaluation of reproductive parameters in sheep females inseminated with Lacaune ram semen
Zeola, N.M.B.L., Da Silva Sobrinho, A.G., Sena, L.S., Columbeli, A.C., Da Silva, L.M., Silva, F.U., Santana, V.T., Endo, V. and Lima, N.L.L.

Ojinegra sheep local breed: identifying factors of variability of performance
Ripoll-Bosch, R., Villalba, D., Blasco, I., Congost, S., Falo, F., Revilla, R. and Joy, M.

Genetic parameters for milk traits using fixed regression models for Istrian sheep in Croatia
Špehar, M., Barać, Z., Kastelic, M., Mulc, D., Jurković, D. and Mioč, B.

Analysis of milk production traits in dairy goats
Wensch-Dorendorf, M., Schafberg, R. and Swalve, H.H.

Improvement of productive and reproductive traits in Cyprus Chios sheep and Damascus goats
Hadjipavlou, G., Papachristoforou, C., Mavrogenis, A.P. and Koumas, A.

Genome wide SNP -data for the assessment of genetic diversity in Swiss sheep breeds
Burren, A., Signer-Hasler, H., Tetens, J., Kijas, J., Flury, C. and Drögemüller, C.

The use of the reverse real-time PCR for the FecB gene detection in Merinolandschaf sheep
Czerneková, V., Milerski, M. and Kott, T.

Analysis of melatonin receptor 1A gene polymorphisms in the population of dairy sheep in Slovakia
Vasickova, K., Margetin, M., Bauer, M., Apolen, D. and Vasicek, D.

Myofibrillar activity from two different muscles of Gentile di Puglia lambs
Nicastro, F., De Marzo, D., Facciolongo, A.M., Nicastro, A. and Toteda, F.

Monitoring of bluetongue disease on the sheep farm
Lacková, Z., Bíreš, J., Kočišová, A., Smitka, P. and Smaržik, M.