Session 36. Behavioural evaluation of the working horse

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Date: 28 August 2013; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Hausberger / König Von Borstel

Theatre Session 36

14.00 What is that horse doing: the need for a working horse ethogram
Invited M. Pierard

14.30 Stress in riding horses
Invited J.W. Christensen

15.00 More than ‘9 to 5’: thinking about horse working in the 21st century
R. Evans and N. Ekholm Fry

15.15 The role of human-horse relationship in a pilot project about autism and therapeutic riding
S. Cerino, N. Miraglia and F. Cirulli

16.15 Repeatabilities and genetic parameters for behavioural and physiological parameters in ridden horses
Invited U. König V. Borstel, C. Glißmann, V. Peinemann, S. Euent, P. Graf and M. Gauly

16.45 May work alter horse’s welfare: a review
Invited M. Hausberger, C. Lesimple, C. Lunel and C. Fureix

17.15 Temperament of school horses: relation with sport discipline and level of riders
M. Vidament, H. Schwarz, M. Le Bon, O. Puls and L. Lansade

17.30 Using appropriate reinforcement to trigger attention: the example of horse training
C. Rochais, S. Henry, S. Brajon, C. Sankey, A. Górecka-Bruzda and M. Hausberger


Poster Session 36

How to ensure a simple, secure and efficient training of the young horse?
S. Henry, C. Sankey and M. Hausberger

Equitherapy and autism: a pilot study about visual attention
E. Dubois, M. Hausberger and M. Grandgeorge

Are horses sensitive to humans’ emotional state during a leading task?
V. André, A.S. Vallet, S. Henry, M. Hausberger and C. Fureix

Evaluation of bedding material for horses in a practice situation
E. Søndergaard, J.W. Christensen and P. Kai