Session 36. Cost effective insect production and high quality insects for feed

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Date: Wednesday 29 August 2018; 8.30 – 11.30
Chair: A. Agazzi

Theatre Session 36

Research and development efforts on optimizing key parameters in industrial insect production
L.-H. Heckmann

Automated insect rearing
T. Spranghers, S. Schillewaert, F. Wouters, C. Coudron, D. Deruytter, J. Claeys and T. Anthone

Early prediction of final harvest for the mealworm
D. Deruytter, C.L. Coudron, J. Claeys and S. Teerlinck

Insect biomass quality and safety: basic concepts, recent issues, and future challenges
L. Pinotti, M. Ottoboni, M. Tretola, I.V. Boccazzi, S. Epis and M. Eeckhout

Influence of feeding substrate and strain on protein, fat and carotenoid content in silkworm
C. Chieco, L. Morrone, G. Bertazza, S. Cappellozza, A. Saviane, F. Gai, N. Di Virgilio and F. Rossi

Role of temperature and waste type on the development and survivorship of Hermetia illucens
M. Shumo

A shining star in Turkey as a new profitable animal production opportunity: the Red Wiggler
O. Yılmaz and N. Cicek Atikmen