Session 36. Fur, fibre and skin animal production

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Date: 27 August 2014; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: V.H. Nielsen

Theatre Session 36

14.00 Technological advances in fur grading
Invited J.L. Christensen

14.30 Response to selection for Orylag® fur production traits estimated by using a control cryopreserved
Invited D. Allain, G. Auvinet and S. Deretz

15.00 Low dietary protein provision during fetal life in several generations in mink
C.F. Matthiesen and A.-H. Tauson

15.15 Natural or synthetic vitamin E for mink kits
S.K. Jensen, T.N. Clausen and P.F. Larsen

15.30 The more mink in the same cage, the more bite marks
S.W. Hansen


16.15 Dissected fat deposits for evaluation of total body fat percent in mink
V.H. Nielsen, D. Mayntz, A. Sørensen, S.K. Jensen, B.M. Damgaard and S.H. Møller

16.30 Introgression of wool shedding gene pool into the Romane breed sheep
D. Allain, B. Pena, D. Foulquié, Y. Bourdillon and D. François

16.45 Physical properties of hair fibres obtained from different breeds of pigs
N. Mohan, S. Debnath, R. Mahapatra, L. Nayak, S. Baruah, A. Das, S. Banik and M. Tamuli

17.00 Genetic parameters and genetic trends for growth and fur quality trait in sliver blue mink in China
Z. Liu, X. Xing and F. Yang