Session 36. Pigs business meeting and free communications: pig genetics

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Date: 29 August 2012; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Knap

Theatre Session 

Relationship between adult feed intake and litter weight in mice selected for litter size
Rauw, W.M.

Genetic parameters of reproduction traits in hungarian pig populations
Nagyné Kiszlinger, H., Farkas, J., Kövér, G.Y., Malovrh, S., Czakó, B. and Nagy, I.

Heritability of sow longevity and life time production in Finnish Large White and Landrace pigs
Sevón-Aimonen, M.-L., Haltia, S. and Uimari, P.

Development of new selection strategies to decrease piglet mortality
Brandt, H. and Henne, H.

Genetic of residual feed intake in growing pig: relationships with nitrogen and phosphorus excretion
Saintilan, R., Mérour, I., Brossard, L., Tribout, T., Dourmad, J.Y., Sellier, P., Bidanel, J., Van Milgen, J. and Gilbert, H.

Stability of genetic parameters for average daily gain and lean meat % in Hungarian Landrace pigs
Nagy, I., Kövér, G.Y., Nagyné Kiszlinger, H., Czakó, B. and Farkas, J.

Effect of MC4R genotype on growth, fat deposition, appetite and feed efficiency in Canadian pigs
Jafarikia, M., Fortin, F., Maignel, L., Wyss, S. and Sullivan, B.

Global gene expression analysis of liver for androstenone and skatole production in the young boars
Neuhoff, C., Pröll, M., Große-Brinkhaus, C., Frieden, L., Becker, A., Zimmer, A., Tholen, E., Looft, C., Schellander, K. and Cinar, M.U.


Poster Session 

Slaughter traits of hybrid pigs as influenced by terminal sire line and gender
Lukic, B., Djurkin, I., Kusec, G., Radisic, Z. and Maltar, Z.

Analysis of relationships between fattening and slaughter performance of pigs and the level of IMF
Tyra, M. and Żak, G.

Effect of genotype on n-3 and n-6 fatty acid content in pig meat and subcutaneous fat
Ribikauskiene, D., Ribikauskas, V., Stuoge, I. and Macijauskiene, V.

Responses to divergent selection for residual feed intake in growing pigs, consequences on pork
Gilbert, H., Bidanel, J.P., Billon, Y., Meteau, K., Guillouet, P., Noblet, J., Sellier, P., Gatellier, P., Sayd, T., Faure, J. and Lebret, B.

SNP’s in different genes involved in fat storage are not associated with boar taint in Belgian pigs
Schroyen, M., Janssens, S., Stinckens, A., Brebels, M., Bertolini, F., Lamberigts, C., Millet, S., Aluwé, M., De Brabander, D. and Buys, N.

LEP and LEPR gene polymorphisms in the populations of polish maternal breeds
Szyndler-Nędza, M., Tyra, M. and Piórkowska, K.

Effect of EGF, AREG and LIF gene polymorphism on litter size in pigs
Mucha, A., Ropka-Molik, K., Piórkowska, K., Tyra, M. and Oczkowicz, M.

Changes in peripheral blood leukocytes in swine selected line for resistance to MPS
Shimazu, T., Liu, S.Q., Katayama, Y., Li, M.H., Sato, T., Kitazawa, H., Aso, H., Katoh, K., Suda, Y., Sakuma, A., Nakajo, M. and Suzuki, K.

Correlated response of cytokines with selection for reduced MPS pulmonary lesions in Landrace pigs
Sato, T.

Selection of reduced MPS pulmonary lesions influences the production of soluble factors in blood
Katayama, Y., Li, M.H., Sato, T., Liu, S.Q., Shimazu, T., Kitazawa, H., Aso, H., Katoh, K., Suda, Y., Sakuma, A., Nakajo, M. and Suzuki, K.