Session 36. Sensing animals and fields to improve pasture and rangeland management

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Digital traceability and data acquisition in pastured poultry mobile system: preliminary results
OdintsovVaintrub and P. Di Giuseppe

Adaptation of cows to automatic milking in a pasture grazing system
O’Brien, J. Foley and P. Silva Bolona

Can data from commercial PLF sensor give us information on dairy cow performances?
Bouchon,S. Scully, M. Coppa, E. Ollion, B. Martin and P. Maitre

Are GPS sensors suitable to ensure the traceability of dairy cows on pastures?
Lebreton,C. Allain, C. Charpentier, M. D’Introno, A. Fischer, W. Lonis, E. Nicolas and A. Philibert

Tracking cows with GPS: can we know when they are calving?
M.J. García García, F. Maroto Molina, D.C. Pérez Marín and C.C. Pérez Marín

Machine-learning techniques to help decision-making of replacement beef cows in extensive conditions
Guarnido-Lopez,L. Quevedo, C. Perez, L.O. Tedeschi and M. Benaouda

Heifers, sheep, and grass adapt well to rotational grazing managed with virtual fencing
Fischer,D. Deleau, L. Depuille, G. Dufour, S. Fauviot, D. Gautier, T. Huneau, C. Lerond, P. Mangin,

L.A. Merle, A. Philibert, A.S. Thudor, A. Jomier and A. Lebreton

Deployment of models predicting compressed sward height on Wallonia: confrontation to ground truth
Nickmilder,A. Tedde, I. Dufrasne, F. Lessire, B. Tychon, Y. Curnel, N. Glesner, J. Bindelle and H. Soyeurt

Improving the prediction of grass regrowth after a dry period with the MoSt GG model
Bonnard,E. Ruelle, M. O’Donovan, M. Murphy and L. Delaby

Attitudes of European small ruminant farmers towards new digital technologies
McLaren,L. Depuille, N. Katzman, A. Bar Shamai, I. Halachmi, L. Grøva, T.W.J. Keady, B. McClearn, Giovanetti,P. Piirsalu, O. Nagy, J.-M. Gautier, F. Kenyon and C. Morgan-Davies

Explore the potential & link opportunities by information technology (EXPLOIT) for the feed sector
Schokkerand S.K. Kar


Development of a hybrid monitoring system for dairy cattle
Maxa,D. Nicklas, J. Robert, S. Steuer and S. Thurner

Displacement rate during grazing of dairy cows under different defoliation intensities
D.A. Mattiauda, G. Menegazzi, O. Fast, M. Oborsky and P. Chilibroste

Circadian rhythmicity of sheep body temperature changes during transhumance, measured by bio-loggers
J.A. Abecia, F. Canto, M.A. Saz, M. Ramo, J. Plaza, A. Bjarnason and C. Palacios

Assessing grazing behaviour of goats with GPS collars and sensors in a Mediterranean forest rangeland
Chebli,S. El Otmani, J.L. Hornick, J. Bindelle, M. Chentouf and J.F. Cabaraux

A precision technology to optimize accuracy and efficiency of grass measurement on grazed pastures
D.J. Murphy, B. O’ Brien and M.D. Murphy