Session 37. Climate care dairy farming

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Nutrient circularity: the role of dairy systems and a solution for GHG and NH3 mitigation
Edouard,K. Klumpp, X. Vergé and J.-L. Peyraud

Environmental footprint of Holstein and crossbred cows using an individual LCA-derived method
Piazza,M. Berton, S. Schiavon, G. Bittante and L. Gallo

Emissions and manure quality in future cow barn
P.J. Galama, H.J. Van Dooren and H. De Boer

Comparing outcomes of three GHG emission calculation tools applied on dairy production systems
DeVries, M.H.A. De Haan, P.R. Hargreaves, X. Vergé, G. Kadžienė, A. Cieślak, P. Galama and T.V. Vellinga

Fermented rapeseed cake in dairy cows’ nutrition mitigates methane emission and production
A.C. Cieslak, G.M. Gao, H.H. Huang, G.M. Gogulski, R.D. Ruska, N.B. Nowak, S.Z.A. Szejner, P.J. Puchalska, S.J. Światłowski and S.Z.S.M. Szumacher-Strabel

Association of microorganisms in rumen with methane emission intensity of cows in the Netherlands
Schokker,S. Roques, L. De Koning, M.N. Aldridge, A. Bossers, Y. De Haas, L.B. Sebek and S.K. Kar

Danish commercial farm reduces enteric methane by 35% with 3-NOP
N.I. Nielsen, M.Ø. Kristensen and C. Ohlsson

Assessment of cattle manure acidification effects on ammonia and GHG emissions and crop yield
Juskiene,R. Juska, A. Siukscius and R. Juodka

Developing an in-flight network for gas and particulate emissions assessment in cattle dairy farms
Becciolini,L. Conti, G. Rossi, M. Merlini, D. Bedin Marin, G. Coletti, U. Rossi and M. Barbari

Air filtering as alternative approach to combat emissions from cattle facilities
Kuipers,P. Galama and R. Maasdam

Emissions, grassland and biodiversity and role of carbon footprint tool
P.R. Hargreaves, R.M. Rees and J. Bell