Session 37. Industry session: probiotics

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Date: 27 August 2014; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: N.E. Auclair

Theatre Session 37

14.00 Interest of qualified presumption of safety for probiotic developments
Invited G. Bertin

14.30 The effect of probiotics on animal health: a focus on host’s natural intestinal defenses
Invited G. Tabouret

15.00 Feed Additive, can they improve animal welfare?
Invited J. Brufau, R. Lizardo and B. Vilà


16.15 The effect of live yeast supplementation on digestion of young Beagle dogs
E. Štercová, E. Auclair, D. Kumprechtová, G. Bertin, J. Novotná and J. Surová

16.30 Impact of live yeast on the intestinal transcriptome profile of weaned pigs challenged with ETEC
P. Trevisi, M. Colombo, D. Priori, V. Motta, R. La Torre, R. D’Inca and P. Bosi

16.45 New findings on mode of action of Bacillus toyonensis: disruption of Quorum sensing
M. Castillo, G. Jimenez, S. Martín-Orúe, D. Solà and G. González-Ortiz

17.00 Effect of Saccharomyces cerevisiae on steers progressively adapting to high concentrate diets
G.Z. Ding, Y. Chang, Q.X. Meng and E. Chevaux

17.15 Enterococcus faecium as a dry cow treatment improved colostrum quality without affecting gestation
A. Tiantong, H.-Y. Peng and C.-J. Chang

17.30 Effect of antimocrobial substitution with Bacillus subtilus on broiler health and performance
P.Y. Aad, J. Ibrahim, C. Al-Fahel, S. Boustany and N. El Ghossein Malouf

17.30 Host response and microbiota composition after Lactobacillus administration: pig as model for human
A. De Greeff, D. Schokker, F.M. De Bree, A. Bossers, S.A. Vastenhouw, F. Harders, M. Kleerebezem, J.M. Wells, M.A. Smits and J.M.J. Rebel


Poster Session 37

Efficacy of a microbial feed additive in weaned piglets
B.T. Lund, J. Sánchez, C. Millan, O. Casabuena and M.I. Gracia

Effects of kefir as a probiotic source on the performance of young dairy calves
M. Gunal and S. Satik

The use of GalliPro® to improve broiler performance in protein-reduced diets
D. Harrington, E. Scott-Baird and A.B. Kehlet

Effect of probiotic addition to rations on lactating buffaloes performance
T. Morsy, S. Kholif, H. Azzaz and H. Ebeid

Efficiency of liquide probiotic for suckling piglets
R. Leikus, R. Juska and V. Juskiene

Probiotic and prebiotic effects on calf development in the first months of life
A. Arne and A. Ilgaza

The efficiency of a novel synbiotic supplement in a pig diet
R.V. Nekrasov, M.G. Chabaev, N.I. Anisova, N.A. Ushakova and L.Z. Kravtsova