Session 37. Livestock Farming Systems business meeting and free communications

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Date: 29 August 2012; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Bernués

Theatre Session

Greenhouse gases emissions and energy consumption in French sheep for meat farms (1987-2010)
Benoit, M.B. and Dakpo, H.D.

Environmental impact of the pork supply chain depending on farm performances
Reckmann, K. and Krieter, J.

Biotic components of sustainability: assessing ecosystem services in livestock farming systems
Marie, M. and Merchier, M.

Identification of on-farm innovations in sheep and beef systems
Ingrand, S., Pailleux, J.Y. and Devun, J.

A comparison of two milk production systems from an economic point of view
Kunz, P.L., Frey, H.J. and Hofstetter, P.

Economic and grazing resources analysis of extensive livestock farming systems (dehesas) in Spain
Gaspar, P., Escribano, M., Mesías, F.J., Pulido, A.F. and Escribano, A.J.


Poster Session 

Farmed fish homeostasis and neurohormonal status under integrated production conditions: a review
Papoutsoglou, S.E.

Development of integrated aquaculture in zone Z1, Zadar County, Croatia
Župan, I., Peharda, M., Bavčević, L., Šarić, T. and Kanski, D.