Session 37. New sources of phenotypes in cattle production – Part 2 (with ICAR)

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Date: 2nd September 2015; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: G. Thaller/C. Egger-Danner

Theatre Session 37

Overview of possibilities and challenges of the use of infrared spectrometry in cattle breeding
Invited N. Gengler, H. Soyeurt, F. Dehareng, C. Bastin, F.G. Colinet, H. Hammami and P. Dardenne

Novel metabolic signals in health risk assessment in dairy cows
K. Huber, S. Danicke, J. Rehage, H. Sauerwein, W. Otto, U. Rolle-Kampczyk and M. Von Bergen

Milk biomarkers to detect ketosis and negative energy balance using MIR spectrometry
C. Grelet, C. Bastin, M. Gele, J.B. Daviere, R. Reding, A. Werner, C. Darimont, F. Dehareng, N. Gengler and P. Dardenne

Effectiveness of mid-infrared spectroscopy to predict bovine milk minerals
P. Gottardo, M. De Marchi, G. Niero, G. Visentin and M. Penasa

Genetic parameters for milk calcium content predicted by MIR spectroscopy in three French breeds
A. Govignon-Gion, S. Minery, M. Wald, M. Brochard, M. Gele, B. Rouille, D. Boichard, M. Ferrand-Calmels and C. Hurtaud

Estimating genetic parameters for predicted energy traits from mid-infrared spectroscopy on milk
S.L. Smith, S.J. Denholm, V. Hicks, M. Coffey, S. Mcparland and E. Wall


Heritability and genetic correlations for health and survival in Norwegian Red calves
K. Haugaard and B. Heringstad

Loci associated with adult stature also effect calf birth survival in cattle
G. Sahana, J.K. Hoglund, B. Guldbrandtsen and M.S. Lund

Fine-mapping of a QTL region on BTA18 affecting non-coagulating milk in Swedish Red cows
S.I. Duchemin, M. Glantz, D.J. De Koning, M. Paulsson and W.F. Fikse

PTR-ToF-MS to study the effect of dairy system and cow traits on the volatile fingerprint of cheeses
M. Bergamaschi, F. Biasioli, A. Cecchinato, C. Cipolat-Gotet, A. Cornu, F. Gasperi, B. Martin and G. Bittante

Genome-wide association study for cheese yield and curd nutrients recovery in bovine milk
C. Dadousis, C. Cipolat-Gotet, S. Biffani, E.L. Nicolazzi, G. Rosa, D. Gianola, G. Bittante and A. Cecchinato

Phenotypic analysis of low molecular weight thiols in milk of dairy and dual-purpose cattle breeds
G. Niero, A. Masi and M. Cassandro

Epigenetics of bovine semen: tools to analyse DNA methylation
J.P. Perrier, A. Prezelin, L. Jouneau, E. Sellem, S. Fritz, J.P. Renard, D. Boichard, L. Schibler, H. Jammes and H. Kiefer


Poster Session 37

Milk mammary epithelial cells as a non-invasive indicator of lactation persistency in dairy cows?
M. Boutinaud, V. Lollivier, L. Yart, J. Angulo Arizala, P. Lacasse, F. Dessauge and H. Quesnel