Session 38. Animal Physiology business meeting and free communications

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Date: 29 August 2012; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Vestergaard

Theatre Session 

Effect of ruminal cobalt-EDTA infusion on milk fat composition and mammary lipogenic gene expression
Vilkki, J., Viitala, S., Leskinen, H., Taponen, J., Bernard, L. and Shingfield, K.J.

Follistatin, muscle development, puberty and fertility in Merino ewe lambs
Rosales, C., Ferguson, M., Macleay, C., Briegel, J., Hedger, M., Martin, G. and Thompson, A.

Maternal undernutrition during midpregnancy affects muscle cellular characteristics of lambs
Kuran, M., Sen, U., Sirin, E. and Ulutas, Z.

Effects of mannan oligosaccharide on blood biochemical parameters of broiler chickens
Karkoodi, K., Mahmoodi, Z. and Solati, A.A.


Poster Session 

Monoclonal antibodies as a tool for evaluation of the protein changes during bull sperm capacitation
Cupperová, P., Michalková, K., Simon, M., Horovská, Ľ. and Antalíková, J.

The effect of maternal undernutrition during mid-gestation on some placental characteristics in ewes
Sen, U., Sirin, E. and Kuran, M.

Tissue accumulation and urinary excretion of chromium in lambs supplemented with chromium picolinate
Dallago, B.S.L., Lima, B.A.F., Mustafa, V., Mcmanus, C., Paim, T.P., Campeche, A., Gomes, E. and Louvandini, H.

Transcription of IL-6 and IFN-γ in chicken lymphocytes stimulated with synbiotics in vitro
Slawinska, A., Siwek, M., Brzezinska, J., Zylinska, J., Bluyssen, H., Bardowski, J. and Bednarczyk, M.