Session 38. Applying physiology – improvements in animal productivity, water efficiency, welfare and behaviour

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Date: 2nd September 2015; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: C.H. Knight

Theatre Session 38

Temperament traits and stress responsiveness in livestock: a developmental perspective
Invited M.J. Haskell, S.P. Turner and K.M.D. Rutherford

Genetic and molecular background of cattle behaviour and its effects on milk production and welfare
J. Friedrich, B. Brand, J. Knaust, C. Kuhn, F. Hadlich, K.L. Graunke, J. Langbein, S. Ponsuksili and M. Schwerin

Effects of late gestation heat stress on the physiology of dam and daughter
Invited G.E. Dahl

Betaine improves milk yield under thermoneutral conditions and after heat stress in dairy cows
J.J. Cottrell, M.L. Sullivan, J.B. Gaughan, K. Digiacomo, B.J. Leury, P. Celi, I.J. Clarke, R.J. Collier and F.R. Dunshea

Cardiovascular function and anatomy in relation to feed efficiency in beef cattle
J. Munro, S. Lam, A. Macdonald, P. Physick-Sheard, F. Schenkel, S. Miller and Y. Montanholi


Changes of NFkB activity in hyperglycemic piglet adipose tissue
J. Zubel-Łojek, K. Pierzchała-Koziec, E. Ocłoń and A. Latacz

The physiology of coping with and without water
Invited C.H. Knight

A mechanistic model of water partitioning in dairy cows; water use under feeding and climate changes
Invited J.A.D.R.N. Appuhamy and E. Kebreab

Relationships between water stable isotopes and electrolytes in dairy cattle body fluids
F. Abeni, F. Petrera, M. Capelletti, A. Dal Pra, L. Bontempo, A. Tonon and F. Camin


Poster Session 38

Betaine improves milk yield in grazing dairy cows supplemented with concentrates in summer
F.R. Dunshea, K. Oluboyede, K. Digiacomo, B.J. Leury and J.J. Cottrell

Relationship between the intensity of ruminal mat stratification and rumination in dairy cow
K. Izumi

Effect of music on emotional state in Arabian race horses
A. Stachurska, I. Janczarek, I. Wilk and W. Kędzierski

Effects of Spirulina spp. when supplemented to dairy cows’ ration, on animal heat stress
M.A. Karatzia and E.N. Sossidou

Behavioural response of lambs weaned from ewes that grazed in two pasture allowances in pregnancy
A. Freitas-De-Melo, R. Ungerfeld, M.J. Abud and R. Perez-Clariget

Digestion and metabolic parameters of domestic sheep and their hybrids with Argali
N.V. Bogoliubova, V.N. Romanov, V.A. Devyatkin, I.V. Gusev, R.A. Rykov and V.A. Bagirov

Effects of prepartum housing environment on the gestation length and parturition performance in sows
J. Yun, K. Swan, O. Peltoniemi, C. Oliviero and A. Valros

Employment of the Wolff Chaikoff phenomenon to mitigate acute heat stress-induced hyperthermia
H.J. Al-Tamimi and Z. Mahasnih

Progesterone administration reduces the behavioural response of ewes at weaning
A. Freitas-De-Melo, R. Ungerfeld and R. Perez-Clariget

Neuroendocrine responses to prebiotic treatment in lambs
K. Pierzchała-Koziec, J. Zubel-Łojek, E. Ocłoń, A. Latacz, K. Pałka and S. Kwiatkowski

A preliminary study on the changes of FT3 concentration during prepubertal period in red deer hinds
J. Kuba, B. Błaszczyk, T. Stankiewicz and J. Udała

Effects of xylanase on nutrient digestibility and blood and urine xylose concentrations in pigs
M.C. Walsh and E. Kiarie

Open-field response in fish subjected to high and low stocking density
W.M. Rauw, L.A. Garcia Cortes, A.M. Larran, J. Fernandez, J. Pinedo, M. Villarroel, M.A. Toro, C. Tomas and L. Gomez Raya

Evolution of body condition score, insulin and IGF-I during pre and postcalving
P. Soca, M. Carriquiry, M. Claramunt and A. Meikle

Effects of vitamin E supplements on growth and blood parameters in hybrid catfish
S. Boonanuntanasarn

Effect of group housing gilts with ESF on physiological and reproductive responses
J.C. Jang, S.S. Jin, J.S. Hong, S.O. Nam, H.B. Yoo and Y.Y. Kim

How does cows activity change after feeding bin change?
M. Soonberg and D. Arney

Udder characteristics affects teat utilisation in three pig breed
M. Ocepek, I. Andersen-Ranberg and I.L. Andersen

Effect of heat stress on age at first calving and calving interval of Wagyu (Japanese Black) cattle
T. Oikawa