Session 38. Free communications in sheep and goat production

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Date: 31 August 2011; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Ringdorfer

Theatre Session 38

  • Economic, social and environmental sustainability assessment in sheep and goat production systems
    Gabiña, D.
  • Genetic parameters of some production and reproduction traits in Raienian cashmere goat
    Asgari Jafarabadi, G., Nazemi, E. and Aminafshar, M.
  • Genetic polymorphism of transferrin in Arabi sheep breed
    Jaayid, T.A., Yousief, M.Y., Zaqeer, B.F. and Owaid, J.M.
  • Pedigree analysis of French goat breeds: a panorama from dairy to fiber selection
    Danchin-Burge, C., Allain, D., Clement, V., Martin, P., Piacere, A. and Palhiere, I.
  • Genome wide association study of somatic cell counts in a grand-daughter design of French Lacaune AI rams
    Rupp, R., Sallé, G., Barillet, F., Larroque, H. and Moreno-Romieux, C.
  • Inbreeding coefficient and pairwise relationship in Finnsheep using genomic and pedigree data
    Li, M.-H., Strandén, I., Tiirikka, T., Sevón-Aimonen, M.-L. and Kantanen, J.
  • Comparison of different mathematical models for estimating and describing lactation curve of Saanen goat
    Tahtali, Y., Ulutas, Z., Sirin, E. and Aksoy, Y.
  • Survival analysis of longevity in Moghani and Baluchi sheep breeds of Iran
    Esfandyari, H., Tahmorespour, M. and Aslaminejad, A.A.
  • Selection against null-alleles in CNS1S1 will efficiently reduce the level of free fatty acids in Norwegian goat milk
    Blichfeldt, T., Boman, I.A. and Kvamsås, H.

Poster Session 38