Session 38. High quality and sustainable milk and meat products from cattle

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Total and differential somatic cell count affect cheese-making traits of individual milk samples
Mariani,G. Stocco, C. Cipolat-Gotet, G. Niero, M. Penasa and A. Summer

Milk mineral profile from cows fed seaweed (Saccharina latissima) and different protein feeds
Stergiadis,N. Qin, Á. Pétursdóttir, D. Humphries, N. Desnica, E.E. Newton, A. Halmemies-Beauchet- Filleau, A. Vanhatalo, L. Bell, I. Givens, H. Gunnlaugsdóttir and D. Juniper

Combined effect of anti-methanogenic compounds (rapeseeds, nitrate and 3-NOP) on fatty acids in milk
G.M. Sirinayake Lokuge, L.B. Larsen, M. Maigaard, L. Wiking, P. Lund and N.A. Poulsen

Mineral concentrations in milk from Finnish Ayrshire cows fed microalgae or rapeseed
E.E. Newton, M. Lamminen, P. Ray, A. MacKenzie, C.K. Reynolds, M.R.F. Lee, A. Halmemies-Beauchet- Filleau, A. Vanhatalo and S. Stergiadis

Sub-clinical mastitis affects milk fatty acid profile in Holstein cattle
Pegolo,A. Toscano, V. Bisutti, M. Gianesella, D. Giannuzzi, S. Schiavon, L. Gallo, F. Tagliapietra and Cecchinato

Impact of milking interval on milk spontaneous lipolysis in dairy cows
Hurtaud,L. Bernard, D. Taillebosq and C. Cebo

Indirect prediction of grass-based diet from milk MIR traits to assess the feeding typology of farms
Soyeurt,C. Gerards, C. Nickmilder, S. Franceschini, F. Dehareng, D. Veselko, C. Bertozzi, J. Bindelle, Gengler,A. Marvuglia, A. Bayram and A. Tedde

Differential somatic cell count affects gelation, curd-firming and syneresis of bovine milk
Stocco,A. Summer, G. Niero, M. Ablondi, M. Penasa and C. Cipolat-Gotet

The Effect of feeding system on the fatty acid profile of three muscles from Arouquesa cattle breed
Sacarrão-Birrento, S.P. Alves, A.M. De Almeida, L.M. Ferreira, M.J. Gomes, J.C. Almeidaand C.A.Venâncio

Comparison of growth performances of Arouquesa steers of different production systems
Sacarrão-Birrento, M.J. Gomes, D. Moreira,A.M. De Almeida, S.R. Silva, J. Carlos Almeida and C.A. Venâncio

Live yeast supplementation improves the performance and carbon footprint of beef cattle production
S.A. Salami, C.A. Moran and J. Taylor-Pickard

Endoplasmic reticulum response to pre-slaughter stress: discovering new biomarkers of beef quality
González-Blanco,Y. Diñeiro, M.J. García, V. Sierra and M. Oliván

Diet supplemented with olive cake as a model of circular economy: metabolic response in beef cattle
Bionda,V. Lopreiato, P. Crepaldi, V. Chiofalo, E. Fazio and L. Liotta

Can haylage-based diets be a sustainable alternative to concentrate-based diets for finishing veals?
Santos-Silva,A.E. Francisco, A.P. Vaz Portugal, M.T. Dentinho, A.J. Rodrigues, N.R. Rodrigues, T. Domingos and R.J.B. Bessa


Improving sustainability of dairy cattle farms through the use of Limousin and Charolais beef sires
Gavojdian,M. Mincu and I. Nicolae

Genome-wide association studies for milk production quality traits in Romanian Spotted breed
D.E. Ilie, A.E. Mizeranschi, C.V. Mihali and R.I. Neamt

Survey of the trans fatty acid composition of Portuguese beef
S.G. Muchecha, T. Fernandes, R.J.B. Bessa and S.P. Alves

Effect of dietary protein quality on performance and carcass characteristics of feedlot cattle
L.J. Erasmus, M. Liebenberg, R.J. Coertze, C.J.L. Du Toit and E.C. Webb

Relationship between the content of selected bioactive compounds and antioxidant activity of milk
Król,A. Brodziak and M. Stobiecka

Changes in fatty acid profile from milk to cheese
Segato,G. Marchesini, S. Tenti, M. Mirisola, L. Serva, I. Andrighetto, S. Balzan and E. Novelli

Total versus human-edible protein efficiency of Belgian cattle
VanMullem, C. De Cuyper, J. De Boever, S. De Campeneere, K. D’Hooghe, D. Schoonhoven, M. Wulfrancke, S. Millet, E. Delezie and L. Vandaele

Evaluation of carcass electrical stimulation on meat quality traits of F1 Angus-Nellore cattle
C.P. Oliveira, B. Torin, M.A.S. Coutinho, G.A. Rovadoscki, L.A.L. Chardulo, O.R. Machado Neto, A.E. Pedro, R.C. Rodrigues, P.Z. Rattes and W.A. Baldassini

Biodiverse haylages in beef fattening diets – Effect on lipid oxidation of cooked meat
Fialho,L. Cachucho, A. Francisco, J. Santos-Silva and E. Jerónimo

Effect of diet intensification on growing parameters and carcass quality of Holstein-Friesian steers
Moreno,S. Crecente, R. Alonso and C. García-Fontán

Genetic polymorphism of milk proteins in Holstein cattle population from Serbia
Šaran,M. Despotov, S. Trivunović, M. Ivković, D. Janković and L.J. Štrbac

Impact of Chlorine-free cleaning of milking equipment on bulk tank milk quality
Gleesonand L. Twomey

Using ‘chlorine free’ detergents for factory CIP: is dairy product bacterial quality compromised?
Twomeyand D. Gleeson

Herbal mixture with antimicrobial activity in cow diet: effect on quality of milk and dairy products
Brodziak,J. Król, R. Klebaniuk and M. Stobiecka

Optimizing amino acids dairy cows’ diets improves performances and reduces environmental impacts
Militello,S. Lemosquet, Y. Mathieu, L. Bahloul, D. Andrieu, M. Rolland, S. Rouverand, G. Trou, N. Draijer, L. Thiaucourt and A. Hocini

Herbal bolus to boost Holstein-Friesian cow’s health status and reproduction traits
C.L. Manuelian, M. Simoni, F. Callegari, C. De Lorenzi, M. De Marchi and F. Righi

Analysis of mastitogenic agents in the buffalo species in Campania from 2014 to 2019
DiVuolo, G. Cappelli, E. De Carlo, M. Orrico and D. Vecchio

Milk to cheese – phenotypic profiles of antibiotic resistance in coagulase-positive staphylococci
Barros, A.M. Pereira, S.P.A. Câmara, C. Pinto, H.J.D. Rosa, C.Vouzela, A.E.S. Borba and M.L.E.Dapkevicius

Quantification of CMP in A1 and A2 milk contaminated with B. cereus s.s. and P. fluorescens
Vasconcellos,A. Santos, D. Fonseca, A. Vaz, A. Saran Netto and A. Vidal

A study on Italian consumers’ perception towards local dairy products
V.M. Merlino, M. Renna, J. Nery, A. Muresu, A. Ricci, A. Maggiolino, G. Celano, B. De Ruggieri and M. Tarantola

Feed efficiency, body composition and fatty acid profile in Nellore cattle
S.F.M. Bonilha, G.K. Bassi, C.D.A. Batalha, R.H. Branco, R.C. Canesin and M.E.Z. Mercadante
In silico analyses reveals a deletion in SCD5 promoter gene: a possible role in lipid synthesis
L.L. Verardo, J.I. Gomes, M.A. Machado, J.C.C. Panetto, I. Carolino, N. Carolino and M.V.G.B. Silva

A new method of assessing protein-energy balance of feed based on milk urea concentration
Rzewuskaand K. Bączkiewicz

A study on quality of maize silages from Dairy-4-Future project Portuguese farms
Gomes,N. Ferreira, H. Trindade and L. Ferreira

Thymus vulgaris essential oil in dairy cows with subclinical mastitis
T.M. Mitsunaga, L. Castelani, W.V.B. Soares, L. El Faro and L.C. Roma Junior

Blood parameters and immune responses of dairy cows to supplementation with thyme essential oil
L.C. Roma Junior,, M.S.V. Salles, F.A. Salles, E.S. Castro Filho, E.H. Van Cleef and J.M.B. Ezequiel