Session 38. Small ruminant mortality: Seeking solutions – genetic and environmental factors that contribute to improved survival

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Date: 31 August 2016; 8:30- 12:00 hours
Chairperson: C.M. Dwyer / J.M. Gautier


Theatre Session 38

Genetic approaches to improving lamb survival under extensive field conditions
invited F.D. Brien and M. Young

Small ruminant neonatal mortality: What are the important phenotypes?
C.M. Dwyer

Genetic parameters for lamb survival
A. McLaren, S. Mucha, K. Kaseja, K. Moore and J. Conington

Genetic determinism of maternal behaviour in sheep and relationship with lamb mortality
D. Hazard, A. Kempeneers, D. Foulquié, F. Carriere, E. Delval and A. Boissy

Survival rates and growing performance of lambs born from Assisted Reproductive Technologies
E. Emsen, M. Kutluca Korkmaz, B. Odevci and H. Demirezer


An on-farm experiment to assess new phenotypes: how to involve farmers?
A. Cheype, F. Tortereau and J.M. Gautier

Ease of data collection on farm; reality or myth
H. Davies and T. Canning


Posters Session

Definition of a total merit index in Austrian dairy sheep and goats
B. Fuerst-Waltl and C. Fuerst

Lamb serum IgG concentration is reduced when lambs are fed using a stomach tube compared to suckling
T.M. Boland, F.P. Campion and F.M. McGovern

The influence of ram on number of born and weaned lambs in Suffolk
J. Schmidova, M. Milerski, A. Svitakova, H. Vostra Vydrova and L. Vostry

Impact of early weaning on growth performance and small intestine development in lambs
S. McCoard, N. Hennes, F. Knol, O. Cristobal-Carballo, A. Khan and D. Stevens

Impact of early weaning on rumen development and fermentation profiles in artificially-reared lambs
O. Cristobal-Carballo, F.W. Knol, S. Muetzel, M.A. Khan, D. Stevens and S.A. McCoard

Pre-lambing metabolic profile of twin-bearing ewes in a hill environment
P. Zhou, N.R. Lambe, C.R. Morgan-Davies, N.D. Sargison and T.G. McEvoy