Session 39. Management and health business meeting and free communications

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Date: 29 August 2012; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Das

Theatre Session 

The role of Escherichia coli in the pathogenesis of coliform mastitis in sows
Kemper, N., Gerjets, I., Looft, H. and Traulsen, I.

Chewing behaviour of pregnant and lactating ewes fed long or chopped grass silage
Helander, C., Nadeau, E. and Nørgaard, P.

Behavioural differences in pigs raised in outdoor and indoor systems
Juska, R., Juskiene, V. and Leikus, R.

Network analysis: interruption of the chain of infection by removal of the most central premises
Büttner, K., Krieter, J. and Traulsen, I.

Transfer of trace elements from feed to pig tissues: management of feed and food limits
Royer, E. and Minvielle, B.

Effect of housing system during pregnancy on lameness and claw health of sows in farrowing crates
Calderón Díaz, J.A., O’doherty, J. and Boyle, L.

Animal welfare in animal oriented Dutch middle level vocational education
Van Der Waal, M.E. and Hopster, H.

Resistance of six commercial laying hen strains to an Ascaridia galli infection
Kaufmann, F., Das, G., Moors, E. and Gauly, M.


Poster Session 

Relational database system for pig research farms
Karsten, S., Stamer, E. and Krieter, J.

The role of culture media on infectivity of Capillaria obsignata eggs
Tiersch, K.M., Das, G., Von Samson-Himmelstjerna, G. and Gauly, M.

Combined effects of humic acids and probiotic on health and performance of Japanese quail
Hanusová, E., Pospišilová, D., Hanus, A., Árvayová, M. and Peškovičová, D.

Evaluation of indirect methods to estimate body composition of goats
Silva, T.S., Busato, K.C., Chizzotti, M.L., Rodrigues, R.T.S., Chizzotti, F.H.M., Yamamoto, S.M. and Queiroz, M.A.A.

Influence of exposure time to low cadmium contamination in feed on retention in pig liver and kidney
Royer, E. and Lebas, N.