Session 39. New/alternative/innovative/revised feeds in farm animals and farmed fish

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Amaranth leaf meal inclusion on blood profiles and gut organ characteristics of Ross 308 chickens
T.G. Manyelo, N.A. Sebola, J.W. Ng’ambi and M. Mabelebele

Productive performances of normally feathered and naked neck slow growth broilers fed with Spirulina
E.A. Fernandes, C.F. Martins, A.A. Chaves, L. Louro, A. Raymundo, M. Lordelo and A.M. Almeida

Effects of grape seed oil, walnut oil and the two combined on hens’ performances and egg quality
Cornescu,T. Panaite, A. Untea, M. Saracila, R. Turcu and A. Vlaicu

Nutritive value of arborescent alfalfa and immature rye in free-ranged organic growing rabbit
J.P. Goby, C. Bannelier, O. Faillat and T. Gidenne

Silage juice in diets to weaner pigs and pregnant sows
PrestoÅkerfeldt, J. Friman, F. Dahlström, A. Larsen and A. Wallenbeck

The use of Chlorella v. in weaned piglet diet: growth performances and digestive tract development
A.A.M. Chaves, C.F. Martins, D.M. Ribeiro, D.F.P. Carvalho, R.J.B. Bessa, A.M. Almeida and J.P.B. Freire

Dietary Ulva lactuca in weaned piglet diets: effects on performance and gastrointestinal contents
D.M. Ribeiro, D.F.P. Carvalho, C.F. Martins, A.M. Almeida, J.A.M. Prates and J.P.B. Freire

Sweet vs Salty Former Food Products in Piglets slightly affect subcutaneous adipose tissue quality
Ottoboni,A. Luciano, M. Tretola, S. Mazzoleni, N. Rovere, F. Fumagalli, R. Abbate, L. Ferrari and L. Pinotti

Dietary tall oil fatty acids with resin acids improve the performance of seabass and white shrimp
Kettunen,J. Vuorenmaa and O. Jintasataporn

Amaranth grain for animal feeding: a high-quality wholesome crop
Oteri,D. Scordia, R. Armone, F. Gresta and B. Chiofalo

Cactus cladodes inclusion in lactating goat diet and their effects on milk production and quality
ElOtmani, Y. Chebli, M. Chentouf, J.L. Hornick and J.F. Cabaraux

Methane emission and energy partitioning in Hanwoo Steers supplemented with seeds of Pharbitis nil
Bharanidharan,K. Thirugnanasambantham, R. Ibidhi, T.H. Kim, W.H. Hong, G.H. Bang, P. Xaysana and K.H. Kim


Silages of agro-industrial by-products in lamb diets – effect on performance and methane emissions
Costa,K. Paulos, J. Costa, L. Cachucho, A. Portugal, A.T. Belo, E. Jerónimo, J. Santos-Silva and M.T. Dentinho

Foetal programming in ewes fed with chrome propionate on the body weight of the progeny
zara De Almeida, F. Mallaco Moreira, V. Nassif Monteiro, A. Rua Rodrigues, T. Bianconi Coimbra, TomazNascimento, F. Sesti Trindade and S. Bonagurio Gallo

Effects of incorporation of grape stalks in rabbit diets on carcass and gastrointestinal parameters
Costa-Silva,V. Pinheiro, M. Rodrigues, L. Ferreira and G. Marques

Performance of ewes supplemented with chromium propionate at the end of pregnancy and lactation
MallacoMoreira, D. Lázara De Almeida, A. De Carvalho, T. Bianconi Coimbra, V. Nassif Monteiro, I. Tomaz Nascimento, F. Sesti Trindade, J. Biagi Veronez and S. Bonagurio Gallo

Efficacy of yeast culture and garlic extract supplementation on broilers performance
Biswas,Q.Q. Zhang, M.D.M. Hossain, S. Cao and I.H. Kim

Efficacy of Achyranthes japonica extract as phytogenic feed additive in broiler diet
M.D.M. Hossain, Q.Q. Zhang, S. Biswas, S. Cao and I.H. Kim

Effect of genetically modified organism supplementation on egg production and egg quality in layers
M.D.M. Hossain, S. Cao, S. Biswas, Q.Q. Zhang and I.H. Kim

Comparative effects of zinc oxide and zinc aspartic acid chelate on performance of weaning pigs
Cao,M.D.D. Hossain, S. Biswas, Q.Q. Zhang and I.H. Kim

Lipolysis of structured triacylglycerols
C.C.E. Manuel, R.J.B. Bessa and S.P. Alves

Fatty acid profile of milk from ewes fed a diet including broccoli or cauliflower
Mateo,C. Saro, I. Mateos, I. Caro, F.J. Giráldez and M.J. Ranilla

Introducing tomato pulp in a dairy ewes diet does not affect rumen microbial growth or structure
teos,C. Saro, T. De Evan, A. Martin, R. Campos, M.D. Carro and M.J. Ranilla

Difference and regression methods give similar energy values for dried brewers’ spent grains in pigs
Piquer,A. Cerisuelo, S. Calvet, C. Cano, D. Belloumi and P. García-Rebollar

Agro-industrial by-products in silages for lactating ewes
rónimo,L. Cachucho, D. Soldado, O. Guerreiro, H. Alves, S. Gomes, N. Alvarenga, K. Paulos, C. Costa, J. Costa, J. Santos-Silva and T. Dentinho

Use of almond hull in lamb diets – effect on growth performance
Cachucho,M. Varregoso, C. Costa, K. Paulos, S.P. Alves, J. Santos-Silva, M.T.P. Dentinho and E. Jerónimo

Colour stability and a-tocopherol content of meat from lambs fed Cistus ladanifer plant and extract
Soldado,L. Fialho, O. Guerreiro, L. Cachucho, A. Francisco, J. Santos-Silva, R.J.B. Bessa and E. Jerónimo

Effect of dietary supplementation with sodium butyrate and aromatic plants on chicken meat quality
De-Cara, B. Saldaña, J.I.Ferrero, G.Cano and A.I. Rey

Optimisation of spent coffee grounds nutritional value: thermal conditions and enzymatic hydrolysis
Medjabdi,I. Goiri, R. Atxaerandio, J. Ibarruri, B. Iñarra, D. San Martin and A. Garcia-Rodriguez

Impact of Nannochloropsis gaditana diet on Sparus aurata metabolism by using an omics approach
D.E.A. Tedesco, K. Parati, T. Bongiorno, R. Pavlovic and S. Panseri

Food industry leftovers slightly affect gut microbiota and blood metabolites in growing pigs
Tretola,A. Luciano, M. Manoni, M. Ottoboni, R. Abbate, G. Ceravolo and L. Pinotti

Preliminary remarks on tobacco cv. Solaris seed cake in growing cattle diet
Fatica,F. Fantuz, C. Sacchetto, A. Ferro and E. Salimei

Can dietary algae blend modulate the fatty acids composition of lamb meat?
C.S.C. Mota, A.S. José, V.A.P. Cadavez, R. Domínguez, J.M. Lorenzo, U. Gonzales-Barron, A.R.J. Cabrita, H. Abreu, J. Silva, A.J.M. Fonseca and M.R.G. Maia

Fatty acid profile of oil and cake of four hemp varieties cultivated in Italy along three years
Arango,M. Montanari, N. Guzzo and L. Bailoni

Incorporation of Malvaceae into weaned piglet diets increases faecal dry matter and immunoglobulin A
O.P.R. Ashton, M.D. Scott and B.D. Green

Rumen microbial community and meat quality of goat kids under cactus cladodes inclusion
ElOtmani, Y. Chebli, B. Taminiau, M. Chentouf, J.L. Hornick and J.F. Cabaraux

Avian intestinal epithelium metabolome influenced by genetic strain and seaweed supplementation
Borzouie, B.M.Rathgeber, C. Stupart and L.A. MacLaren

The effect of extrusion on the RUP fraction of canola oilcake meal and lupins
T.S. Brand, O. Dreyer and L. Jordaan

Effect of lactic acid bacteria on high dry matter forage preservation
Nikodinoska,C. Moran and H. Gonda

Effect of lactic acid bacteria on low dry matter forage preservation
Nikodinoska,C. Moran and H. Gonda

Bacteria profile of water and gills of Mytilus galloprovincialis from a North Italian lagoon
Zardinoni,A. Trocino and P. Stevanato

Marine sources in dog feeding: nutritive value and palatability of squid meal and shrimp hydrolysate
Guilherme-Fernandes,T. Aires, A.J.M. Fonseca, M.R.G. Maia, S.A.C. Lima and A.R.J. Cabrita