Session 39A. Industry session: feed additives; impact on health and performance in livestock

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Date: 28 August 2013; 14:00 – 15:30 hours
Chairperson: Auclair

Theatre Session 39a

14.00 Effect of a patented combination of plant extracts on piglets performance
G. Benzoni, J.M. Laurent, D. Coquil, A. Morel and M.L. Le Ray

14.15 Feed additives may play a role on animal Welfare?
Invited J. Brufau;, R. Lizardo and B. Vilà

14.45 Feed additives regulation and assessment in the EU: past, present and future
Invited D. Jans

15.00 Modification of gut microflora in rainbow trout using live yeast
P. Tacon, M. McLoughlin, S. Doherty, K. Maxwell, P. Savage, E. Pinloche and E. Auclair

15.15 Use of new molecular biology techniques for the evaluation of zootechnical additives
Invited C.J. Newbold


Poster Session 39a

Effect of feed additives on rumen pH and protozoa count of cattle fed abruptly high concentrate diet
C.A. Zotti, J.C.M. Nogueira Filho, R. Carvalho, A.P. Silva, T. Brochado and P.R. Leme

Acid Buf as natural alternative to monensin in beef feedlot diets
L.J. Erasmus, F.M. Hagg, R.H. Van der Veen, E. Haasbroek and S. Taylor

Effect of a combination of plant extracts on milk persistency and somatic cell counts of dairy cows
C. Gerard and M.L. Le Ray

Assessment of microorganisms as zootechnical feed additives in the European Union
R. Brozzi, C. Roncancio Peña and J. Galobart

Addition of selenium and vitamin E in diet increases NK cell cytotoxicity in cattle
G. Greghi, A. Saran Netto, A. Latorre, E. Raspantini, M. Zanetti and L. Correa