Session 39B. Free communications in pig production

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Date: 28 August 2013; 16:15 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Bee

Theatre Session 39b

16.15 Concerns of different stakeholder groups about pig husbandry
T. Bergstra, H. Hogeveen and E.N. Stassen

16.30 Societal conformity of European pig production systems
K.H. De Greef, H.W.J. Houwers and M. Bonneau

16.45 Long-lasting effects of early life factors on immune competence of pigs
D. Schokker, J. Zhang, H. Smidt, J.M.J. Rebel and M.A. Smits

17.00 Vitamin A and colour parameters in pig’s fat as possible biomarkers of feeding traceability
R. Álvarez, A.J. Meléndez-Martínez, I.M. Vicario and M.J. Alcalde

17.15 siMMin™: on line software tool to simulate zinc balance in feeding programs of growing pigs
S. Durosoy and J.-Y. Dourmad

17.30 Effects of diet microbial phytase, vitamin C and copper levels on cadmium retention in pigs
E. Royer and N. Lebas

17.45 Influence of dietary calcium on growth performance and mineral status in weaned piglets
P. Schlegel and A. Gutzwiller


Poster Session 39b

Cereal extrusion affects the volatile fatty acid concentration in the caecum of piglets and poultry
D. Torrallardona, E.A. Rodrigues and M. Francesch

Effects of supplying extra milk on production in suckling piglets on a high production farm
A. Bulens, S. Van Beirendonck, J. Van Thielen, N. Buys and B. Driessen

Comparative study to analyse effects on sows and piglets performance by providing supplemental milk
J. Pustal, I. Traulsen, R. Preissler, K. Müller, T. Große Beilage, U. Börries and N. Kemper

Fattening and slaughter performance as related to meat quality in Polish Landrace pigs
G. Zak and M. Tyra

Level of fatty acids in meat from Polish Landrace pigs and their association with slaughter traits
G. Zak, M. Pieszka and W. Migdal

Analysis of relationships between intramuscular fat level and selected fattening, slaughter and meat
M. Tyra and G. Zak

Plasma oxidative status in piglets changes upon weaning
J. Degroote, W. Wang, C. Van Ginneken, S. De Smet and J. Michiels

Labour time required for piglet castration with isoflurane anaesthesia
S. Weber, G. Das, K.H. Waldmann and M. Gauly

Influence of gonadal status on nutrient mobilization during an inflammatory challenge in pigs
E. Merlot, C. Leclercq, N. Le Floc’h and A. Prunier