Session 40. Animal behaviour

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Date: 2nd September 2015; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: K. O’Driscoll

Theatre Session 40

How to solve a conflict without getting into a fight
S.P. Turner, G. Arnott, M. Farish and I. Camerlink

Does group size have an impact on welfare indicators in fattening pigs?
S. Meyer-Hamme, C. Lambertz and M. Gauly

Does housing influence maternal behaviour in sows?
C.G.E. Grimberg, K. Buttner, C. Meyer and J. Krieter

Environmental enrichment in piglet rearing: elevated platform with different enrichment materials
F. Luthje, M. Fels and N. Kemper

Relation between orientation reaction and saliva testosterone levels in pigs
P. Juhas, O. Bucko, J. Petrak, P. Strapak, K. Vavrisinova and O. Debreceni

The effect of Tellington TtouchR method on the horse behaviour in daily tasks
T. Majerle and K. Potočnik


Effects of reduced feeding space on feeding, comfort and agonistic behaviour of goats
G. Das, M. Yildirir, C. Lambertz and M. Gauly

Non genetic factors affecting hunting ability in Italian Maremma Scent Hound dog
S. Riganelli, S. Antonini, M. Gubbiotti, A. De Cosmo, A. Valbonesi and C. Renieri


Poster Session 40

Stability of milking rank in a newly formed group of goats
P. Cornale, M. Renna, C. Lussiana, L.M. Battaglini, R. Fortina and A. Mimosi

Grazing behaviour of early-weaned calves under different supplement delivery systems
V. Beretta, A. Simeone, A. Henderson, R. Iribarne and M.B. Silveira

Effect of elevated concentrations of crude glycerin on feeding behavior of crossbred lambs
E.H.C.B. Van Cleef, M.T.C. Almeida, J.R. Paschoaloto, F.O. Scarpino-Van Cleef, E.S. Castro Filho, J. Mangolini, V.H.C. Rau, A. Queiroz, I. Monsignati and J.M.B. Ezequiel

Levels change of testosterone in individual neuroreflection types of pigs after mental load
J. Petrak, O. Debreceni, O. Bučko and P. Juhas