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INSECT DOCTORS: a European training program focusing on pathogens that threaten mass reared insects
M.M. Van Oers

Nanopore-based diagnostics and surveillance of pathogens in mass-reared insects
F.S. Lim, J. González Cabrera, R.G. Kleespies, J.A. Jehle and J.T. Wennmann

Probiotics impact on Tenebrio molitor performance, microbial composition and pathogen infection
Savio,P. Herren, A. Rejasse, A. Bruun Jensen, J.J.A. Van Loon and C. Nielsen-Leroux

Impact of heat stress on immunity, fitness & susceptibility to a fungal pathogen in Tenebrio molitor
Herren,A.M. Dunn, N.V. Meyling and H. Hesketh

Effect of co-stressing on the viral abundance of the Acheta domesticus densovirus in house crickets
Takacs,V. Ros, J.J.A. Van Loon and A. Bruun Jensen

Expanding the medfly virome: viral diversity, prevalence, and sRNA profiling in medflies
Hernández-Pelegrín,A. Llopis-Giménez, C. Maria Crava, F. Ortego, P. Hernández-Crespo, V.I.D. Ros and S. Herrero

Identification and tissue tropism of a newly identified iflavirus and negevirus in tsetse flies
H.-I. Huditz, I.K. Meki, A. Strunov, R.A.A. Van Der Vlugt, H.M. Kariithi, M. Rezapanah, W.J. Miller, J.M. Vlak, M.M. Van Oers and A.M.M. Abd-Alla

InsectFeed – insects as sustainable feed for a circular economy: value chain development

Preference of black soldier fly larvae for feed substrate previously colonised by conspecific larvae
Kortsmit,J.J.A. Van Loon and M. Dicke

Two behaviours related to welfare in housefly (Musca domestica) production
VanDer Bruggen, E.I. Michail, J. Falcao Salles, B. Wertheim and L.W. Beukeboom

Innate immune system of house flies and black soldier flies
Vogel,P.N. Shah, A. Voulgari-Kokota, S. Maistrou, Y. Aartsma, L.W. Beukeboom, J. Falcao Salles,

J.J.A. Van Loon, M. Dicke and B. Wertheim

The effect of entomopathogenic Bacillus thuringiensis on housefly development
VoulgariKokota, R. Slijfer, L.W. Beukeboom, J.F. Salles and B. Wertheim

Effect of feeding black soldier fly products on performance and health of slow-growing broilers
Dorper,H. Berman, G. Gort, M. Dicke and T. Veldkamp

Economic modelling of Insect-fed broiler value chains: processed quantities and feasibility analysis
Leipertz,H.W. Saatkamp and H. Hogeveen


Effects of diet on the expression of immune genes in the house fly (Musca domestica)
Vogel,F. Boatta, A. Voulgari-Kokota, R. Slijfer, L.W. Beukeboom, J. Falcao Salles, J. Ellers and B. Wertheim