Session 40. Interactive workshop on behavioural measurements

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Date: Wednesday 29 August 2018; 8.30 – 12.30
Chair: L.A. Boyle

Theatre Session 40

You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut: the art and science o invited f animal behaviour
J.N. Marchant-Forde

Social network analysis allows a novel interpretation of livestock social interactions
S.P. Turner, S. Foister, R. Roehe, L. Boyle and A. Doeschl-Wilson

Towards an automated assessment of pig behaviours on farm
E.L. Labyt, G.L. Lagarrigues, O.S. Sakri, C.G. Godin, C.T. Tallet and A.P. Prunier

Considerations in the conversion of automatically generated behavioural data to useful information
B. O’Brien, J. Werner and L. Shalloo

Behavioural monitoring of livestock on pasture based on motion sensor data
J. Maxa, G. Wendl and S. Thurner

Patterns of affiliative and agonistic interactions in dairy cattle
B. Foris, J. Langbein and N. Melzer

Poster Session 40

Standing of dairy cows in early lactation before and after milking in AMS
A. Herlin, E. Sivertsson and L. Borgenvall

Group structure in sows – a social network approach
M.K. Will, K. Büttner, T. Kaufholz, C. Müller-Graf, T. Selhorst and J. Krieter

Characteristics of behaviours and growth of weaned piglets in different social experiences
H.S. Hwang, J.K. Lee, T.K. Eom, J.K. Hong, T. Choi and S.J. Rhim