Session 40. Robust and resilient livestock farming systems in a changing world

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Date: 28 August 2013; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Ingrand

Theatre Session 40

14.00 Enhancing diversity in livestock farming system to strengthen their resilience: a review of evidence
Invited M. Tichit, L. Fortun-Lamothe, E. Gonzalez-Garcia, M. Jouven, M. Thomas and B. Dumont

14.30 Sensitivity of beef cattle and sheep farms to weather hazards according to their forage systems
C. Mosnier, A. Boutry, M. Lherm and J. Devun

14.45 Relationships between trajectories and vulnerability on smallholder dairy farms in Brazil
M.N. Oliveira, B. Triomphe, N. Cialdella and S. Ingrand

15.00 A modelling framework to evaluate benefits of animal adaptive capacity for livestock farming systems
L. Puillet, O. Martin, M. Tichit and D. Réale

15.15 Identification of strategies increasing the trade-off between N balance and income in dairy farms
A. Grignard, D. Stilmant and J. Boonen

15.30 Breeding can make sheep farming systems more resilient to climate uncertainty
G. Rose and H.A. Mulder

16.15 Roles of summer mountain pastures for the adaptation of livestock farms to climate variability
C. Rigolot, S. Roturier, B. Dedieu and S. Ingrand

16.30 Sensitivity of beef cow reproduction to body lipid dynamics: a modeling approach
E. Recoules, J. Agabriel, A. De La Torre, N.C. Friggens, O. Martin, D. Krauss and F. Blanc

16.45 How to assess the diversity of dairy cows adaptive capacities?
E. Ollion, S. Ingrand, C. Espinasse, J.M. Trommenschlager and F. Blanc

17.00 Dynamilk: a farming system model to explore the trade-offs between grassland and milk productions
A.L. Jacquot, G. Brunschwig, L. Delaby, D. Pomies and R. Baumont

17.15 Animal and farming system crossed approaches to reveal the goat production resilience in Guadeloupe
G. Alexandre and N. Mandonnet

17.30 Effect of climate conditions on fat and protein yields in small dairy ruminants
M. Ramón, H.M. Abo-Shady, C. Díaz, A. Molina, M.D. Pérez-Guzmán, J.M. Serradilla, M. Serrano and M.J. Carabaño

17.45 Genetic effects of heat stress on milk yield and MIR predicted methane emissions of Holstein cows
M.-L. Vanrobays, N. Gengler, P.B. Kandel, H. Soyeurt and H. Hammami


Poster Session 40

Physiological adaptations and fertility of Holstein and Montbeliarde cows under low-input systems
J. Pires, Y. Chilliard, C. Delavaud, J. Rouel, K. Vazeille, D. Pomiès and F. Blanc

Effect of different feeding strategies on GHG emissions and sustainability in dairy sheep
C. Pineda-Quiroga, N. Mandaluniz, A. García-Rodríguez, S. Marijuán and R. Ruiz

High growth breeding values increase weight change in adult ewes
S.E. Blumer, M.B. Ferguson, G.E. Gardner and A.N. Thompson