Session 41. Development and external validation of PLF tools for animal behaviour, health and welfare: pigs, sheep, beef and poultry

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Evaluation of the physical activity of a group of gestating sows using an artificial neural network
Durand,M. Simon, J. Foisil, J.Y. Dourmad, C. Largouët and C. Gaillard

Automatic classification of agonistic behaviour in groups of pigs – different modelling approaches
C.kansson and D. Børge Jensen

Early detection of diarrhoea in weaned piglets from individual feed, water and weighing data
Thomas,Y. Rousselière, M. Marcon and A. Hémonic

Effect of an automatic enrichment device on the behaviour of weaner pigs
Heseker,J. Probst, S. Ammer, I. Traulsen and N. Kemper

Digital drug registration and its value for herd management of pigs
Görge,I. Dittrich, N. Kemper and J. Krieter

Heart rate of sows obtained by image photoplethysmography under farm conditions
Kuiken,P.P.J. Van Der Tol, A.J. Scaillierez, I.J.M.M. Boumans, H. Broers and E.A.M. Bokkers

Smart textiles biotechnology for heart rate variability monitoring as welfare indicator in sheep
Turini,F. Bonelli, A. Lanatà, V. Vitale, I. Nocera, M. Sgorbini and M. Mele

Early and automated detection of BRD disease in young bulls using activity and rumen temperature
Guiadeur,C. Allain, S. Assie, D. Concordet, L.A. Merle, B. Mounaix, M. Chassan and J.M. Gautier

Automatic behaviour assessment of young bulls in pen using machine vision technology
Mindus,J. Manceau, V. Gauthier, C. Dugué, L.A. Merle, X. Boivin, and A. Cheype

Automatic video-based classification piling behaviour in poultry
D.B. Jensen, M. Toscano, J. Winter, A. Stratmann, E. Van Der Heide, M. Grønvig and F. Hakansson

Using ultra-wideband backpacks to track broiler chickens in commercial housing
Baxter and N.E.O’Connell


Automatic detection of health risks in weaner pigs – practical approaches and limitations
Probst,M.-A. Lieboldt, G.-F. Thimm, P. Hölscher, P. Heseker and N. Kemper

Relationship between packed cell volume and gastrointestinal nematodes in sheep through NIRS
A.C.S. Chagas, I.B. Santos, A.U.C. Ferreira, M.D. Rabelo, L.A. Anholeto and S.N. Esteves

Precision livestock farming to study relationship between feed intake and milk production in sheep
Ledda,S. Carta, L. Falchi, A.S. Atzori, A. Cesarani, F. Correddu, G. Battacone and N.P.P. Macciotta

Introducing the aWISH project: animal welfare indicators at the slaughterhouse
Maselyne,T. Coppens, A. Watteyn, A. De Visscher, E. Kowalski, M. Aluwé and F. Tuyttens

Stakeholders’ perceptions of precision livestock farming to improve small ruminant welfare
E.N. Sossidou, E.G. Garcia, M.A. Karatzia, L.T. Cziszter, A. Elhadi, L. Riaguas, G. Caja, A. Barnes, J.M. Gautier, T. Keady, I. Halachmi, G. Molle, L. Grova and C. Morgan-Davies

The endogenous and viral microRNAs in the nasal secretions of buffaloes during BuHV-1 infection
Lecchi,A. Martucciello, S. Petrini, G. Cappelli, C. Grassi, A. Balestrieri, G. Galiero, G. Salvi, F. Panzeri, Giniand F. Ceciliani