Session 41. Free communications in livestock farming systems

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Date: 31 August 2011; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Ingrand

Theatre Session 41

Poster Session 41

  • The working time in milking farms in Wallonia
    Turlot, A., Cardoso, C., Wavreille, J., Bauraind, C., Bouquiaux, J.M., Ledur, A., Mayeres, P. and Froidmont, E.
  • Maintenance and social behaviours profile during suckling period in donkey foals
    D’alessandro, A.G., Casamassima, D., Palazzo, M. and Martemucci, G.
  • Growth performance of rabbit broilers HYLA
    Vostrý, L., Majzlik, I., Mach, K., Hofmanová, B., Janda, K. and Andrejsová, L.
  • Technical efficiency in dairy cattle farms in La Pampa, Argentina
    Angon, E., Larrea, A., Garcia, A., Perea, J., Acero, R. and Pacheco, H.
  • Profit function in organic dairy sheep farms in Castilla la Mancha, Spain
    Toro, P., Angon, E., Perea, J., Garcia, A., Acero, R. and Aguilar, C.
  • Study, development and testing of a low cost GPS-GSM collar to control cattle rustling
    Tangorra, F.M., Marchesi, G., Nava, S. and Lazzari, M.
  • Post-grazing height in early lactation: immediate and subsequent effects on dairy cow performance and swards characteristics
    Ganche, E., O’ Donovan, M., Delaby, L., Boland, T. and Kennedy, E.