Session 41. Free communications on animal genetics

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Date: 28 August 2014; 08:30 – 12:00 hours
Chairperson: H. Esfandyari

Theatre Session 41

08.30 Genetic analysis of mentality traits in Rhodesian Ridgebacks
K. Lysaker, T. Ådnøy, P. Arvelius and O. Vangen

08.45 Estimating dominance effects and inbreeding depression of weaning weight in Pannon White rabbits
I. Nagy, J. Farkas and Z.S. Szendro

09.00 Heritability for enteric methane emission from Danish Holstein cows using a non-invasive FTIR method
J. Lassen and P. Løvendahl

09.15 Genetic diversity in Slovak Pinzgau cattle based on microsatellites
V. Šidlová, N. Moravcíková, I. Pavlík, R. Kasarda, O. Kadlecík and A. Trakovická

09.30 Bayesian approach integrating correlated foreign information into a multivariate genetic evaluation
J. Vandenplas and N. Gengler

09.45 Quantitative and systems genetics analyses of lipid profiles in a pig model for obesity
S.D. Frederiksen, S.D. Pant, L.J.A. Kogelman, M. Fredholm and H.N. Kadarmideen

10.00 Effect of censoring in a social-genetic model
B. Ask, T. Ostersen, M. Henryon and B. Nielsen


10.45 The WISH network method applied to obesity in an F2 pig popolution
L.J.A. Kogelman, S.D. Pant, J. Karjalainen, L. Franke, M. Fredholm and H.N. Kadarmideen

11.00 Combining purebred and crossbred information on nurse capacity and litter size
B. Nielsen, O.F. Christensen, B. Ask and I. Velander


Poster Session 41

Genetic parameters of functional longevity using a multivariate approach in Austrian Fleckvieh
C. Pfeiffer, B. Fuerst-Waltl, V. Ducrocq and C. Fuerst

A new mtDNA haplotype of European brown hares (Lepus europaeus Pall.) in southwestern Slovakia
L. Ondruska, V. Parkanyi, D. Vasicek, J. Slamecka, M. Bauer, R. Jurcik, K. Vasickova and D. Mertin

Body composition and muscle structure in F2 offspring of a German Holstein × Charolais cross
E. Albrecht, R. Pfuhl, G. Nürnberg, C. Kühn and S. Maak

Association among leptin and DGAT1 gene polymorphisms and buffalo milk composition measured by US
G. Holló, B. Barna and I. Anton

Genealogical analysis in Slovak Holstein and Red-Holstein populations
I. Pavlík, O. Kadlecík and R. Kasarda

A new statistical approach to identify breed informative single nucleotide polymorphisms in cattle
F. Bertolini, G. Galimberti, D.G. Calò, G. Schiavo, D. Matassino and L. Fontanesi

Estimation of genetic parameters and prediction of breeding value for calving ease
L. Vostry, H. Vostra-Vydrova, B. Hofmanova, I. Majzlik, Z. Vesela and E. Krupa

Analysis of inbreeding and genetic diversity of four pig breeds in Czech Republic
E. Krupa, E. Žáková, Z. Krupová, L. Vostrý and J. Bauer

Genomic predictions of obesity related phenotypes in a pig model using GBLUP and Bayesian approaches
S.D. Pant, D.N. Do, L.L.G. Janss, M. Fredholm and H.N. Kadarmideen

The response to selection regarding the number of stillborn piglets
M. Sviben

Identification of porcine genome regions regulating collagen content in longissimus muscle
A. Fernández, A. Martinez-Montes, E. Alves, N. Ibañez-Escriche, J.M. Folch, C. Rodríguez, L. Silió and A.I. Fernández

Genetic structure of candidate genes for meat quality parameters in Large White pigs
N. Moravcíková and A. Trakovická

Single nucleotide polymorphisms of the bovine ER1 and CYP19 genes in Holstein and Limousine cattle
A. Trakovická, T. Minarovic and N. Moravcíková

Use of high-performance computing in animal breeding
J. Vandenplas and N. Gengler

Evaluation of genetic diversity in Iberian chicken breeds based on microsatellite markers
M.G. Gil, S.G. Dávila, P. Resino and J.L. Campo

Genetic variability of Girgentana goat breed using molecular markers
M.T. Sardina, S. Mastrangelo, L. Tortorici, R. Di Gerlando and B. Portolano

Inbreeding, coancestry and effective population size in Sicilian cattle breeds using SNPs markers
S. Mastrangelo, M. Saura, M.T. Sardina, M. Serrano and B. Portolano

Genotype imputation in Gir (Bos indicus): comparing different commercially available SNP chips
S.A. Boison, D. Santos, A. Utsunomiya, F. Garcia, R. Verneque, M.V.B. Silva and J. Sölkner

Expression study of fourteen genes influencing lipid and energy metabolism in two pig breeds
R. Davoli, S. Braglia, M. Bigi, M. Zappaterra and P. Zambonelli

Genome wide association study for intramuscular fat in Italian Large White pigs using SNP60K chip
P. Zambonelli, D. Luise, S. Braglia, A. Serra, V. Russo and R. Davoli

Genetic ressources breeding and production systems ofcattle in Algeria: present and perspectives
N. Adili, M. Melizi and H. Belabbaso

Overview about the situation of local cattle genetic resources in Algeria
B. Abdeltif, F. Ghalmi, M. Laouadi, N. Kafidi and S. Tennah

Genome wide scan for total solids in Gyr dairy cattle
A.T.H. Utsunomiya, D.J.A. Santos, S.A. Boison, M.A. Machado, R.S. Verneque, J. Sölkner, R. Fonseca and M.V.G.B. Silva

Genome-wide association on milk production at peak and end of lactation in Guzerá (Bos indicus)
D. Santos, A. Utsunomiya, S.A. Boison, M.G. Peixoto, J. Sölkner, H. Tonhati and M.V. Silva

Association of OLR1 and SCD1 genes with milk production traits in Iranian Holstein dairy cattle
M. Hosseinpour Mashhadi

Genome structure in Sicilian local cattle breeds
S. Mastrangelo, M.T. Sardina, M. Tolone, R. Di Gerlando and B. Portolano

Genetic diversity of Pannon White rabbits as revealed by pedigree analysis
H. Nagyné-Kiszlinger, J. Farkas, Z.S. Szendro and I. Nagyo

Linkage disequilibrium and genetic diversity estimation in three Sicilian dairy sheep breeds
R. Di Gerlando, S. Mastrangelo, M.T. Sardina and B. Portolano

The A allele of CCKAR g.420 C
K. Rikimaru, D. Takahashi, M. Komatsu, T. Ohkubo and H. Takahashi