Session 41. Industry session: Precision dairy and beef farming

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Date: 30 August 2012; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Hocquette

Theatre Session 

New perspectives and risks of precision livestock farming systems
Faverdin, P.

Innovation in animal feeding, a key driver in the concept of sustainable precision livestock farming
Den Hartog, L. and Sijtsma, R.

Precision livestock farming: review and case studies
Halachmi, I.

ATOL: an ontology for livestock
Meunier-Salaün, M.C., Bugeon, J., Dameron, O., Fatet, A., Hue, I., Hurtaud, C., Nedellec, C., Reichstadt, M., Vernet, J., Reecy, J., Park, C. and Le Bail, P.Y.

A mobile automatic milking system used both indoors and on pasture: data from pasture
Dufrasne, I., Robaye, V., Knapp, E., Istasse, L. and Hornick, J.L.

The potential for direct measurement of rumen pH in commercial dairy farming
Mottram, T.T. and Nimmo, S.B.

Comparison of 3 methods of multivariate analysis to study economic efficiency in dairy cattle farms
Atzori, A.S., Steri, R., Tedeschi, L.O. and Cannas, A.

Systems for determining carcass lean meat yield% in beef and lamb
Gardner, G., Anderson, F., Williams, A., Ball, A.J., Hancock, B. and Pethick, D.W.

Modelling for the prediction of beef sensory quality
Chriki, S., Legrand, I., Journaux, L., Picard, B., Pethick, D., Polkinghorne, R. and Hocquette, J.F.

Growth breeding value redistributes weight to the saddle region of lamb carcasses
Gardner, G.E., Anderson, F., Williams, A., Kelman, K.R., Pannier, L. and Pethick, D.W.


Poster Session 

Mineral contents in herbage over the grazing season
Schlegel, P. and Bracher, A.

Basis for a tool for transporters to self-control the welfare of animals during transport
Mounaix, B., De Boyer Des Roches, A., Mirabito, L. and David, V.

Evaluation of cow comfort index and stall usage index in different cooling systems for dairy cows
Lendelová, J., Botto, Ľ., Pogran, Š. and Reichstädterová, T.