Session 41. New insights into efficiency

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Date: Wednesday 29 August 2018; 8.30 – 12.30
Chair: M. Tichit

Theatre Session 41

Resource-use efficiency of animal-source food: the level of analysis matters
I.J.M. De Boer

Indicators of efficiency and environmental footprint for Eastern Alps mountain dairy systems
M. Berton, S. Bovolenta, M. Corazzin, L. Gallo, S. Pinterits, M. Ramanzin, W. Ressi, C. Spigarelli, A. Zuliani and E. Sturaro

Are labour productivity, specialisation and efficiency of livestock production systems, compatible?
P. Veysset

Relationship between feed efficiency and physiological stress parameters in Duroc × Iberian pigs
W.M. Rauw, E. De Mercado, L.A. Garcia Cortés, L. Gomez Raya, L. Silió, M.C. Rodriguez and E. Gómez Izquierdo

Integrating feed efficiency into uk beef cattle breeding objectives, and the impact on ghg emissions
T.W.D. Kirk, T.J. Byrne, P.R. Amer and E. Wall

Linking environmental models and economic tools for trade-off analysis – a German case study
M. Zehetmeier, A. Reindl, V. Karger, M. Strobl, U.K. Müller and G. Dorfner

Exploring options to recycle and prevent phosphorus waste in a food system
H.R.J. Van Kernebeek, S.J. Oosting, M.K. Van Ittersum, R. Ripoll-Bosch and I.J.M. De Boer

Relationship between resource use, efficiency and sustainability of sheep-crop farming systems
T. Rodríguez-Ortega, A. Bernués and A. Olaizola

Producing lambs while limiting concentrates in various pedoclimatic contexts: which performances?
M. Benoit, R. Sabatier, J. Lasseur, P. Creighton and B. Dumont

Improving the farm-scale livestock production efficiency through field-scale soil measurements
T. Takahashi, P. Harris, A.S. Cooke, M.J. Rivero and M.R.F. Lee

Poster Session 41

Economic efficiency of suckler cow herds in the Czech Republic
J. Syrůček, L. Bartoň, J. Kvapilík, M. Vacek and L. Stádník