Session 42. Application of science to improve the management of stable horses

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Date: 31 August 2016; 8:30- 10:00 hours
Chairperson: S.J. Wood


Theatre Session 42

Control of equine diseases
invited T. Buckley

Effect of steaming/watering of large hay square bales on particulate matter generation
G. Claußen and E.F. Hessel

Airborne fungi measurements in bedding hygiene quality assessment
S. Airaksinen, A. Salmela and M.-L. Heiskanen

Effect of bedding material on air quality of indoor horse stables
A.S. Santos, C. Bonaldi, S. Silva, L.M. Ferreira and H. Trindade

Lying behaviour of group-housed horses
E. Mulser, A. Zollinger, C. Wyss and I. Bachmann


Efficacy of the repellent DEET against tabanid flies on horses evaluated in a field test
C. Herholz, C. Kopp, M. Wenger, A. Mathis, S. Wägeli, F. Kägi and N. Roth

Habituation effects to frequent road transport in sport horses
A. Vogt and W. McCormick

Improving equine management by new technologies: drivers and barriers
S. Wägeli, R. Stirnimann, E. Mulser and C. Herholz

Effect of bedding material on composting temperature of horse manure
A.S. Santos, C. Bonaldi, S. Silva, L.M. Ferreira and H. Trindade

Economical assessments of the saddle horse industry in Europe: what tools for common data?
G. Bigot, C. Vial, X. Dornier, Y. Surry and H. Andersson


Posters Session

Tackling the itch: GWAS on insect bite hypersensitivity using IgE levels in two horse populations
L. François, H. Hoskens, H.F.J. Saverkoul, E. Tijhaar, B.D. Velie, A. Stinckens, G. Lindgren, S. Blott, N. Buys, B.J. Ducro and A. Schurink