Session 42. Breeding and management in low input production systems

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Date: 28 August 2013; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Simianer / Maurer

Theatre Session 42

14.00 Organic and free range egg production systems: effects of genotype and management
F. Leenstra, V. Maurer, M. Bestman and F. Van Sambeek

14.30 Evaluating the need for organic breeding programmes and assessing possible implementation strategies
Invited S. König, T. Yin and K. Brügemann

15.00 Genetic basis of functional traits in low input dairy cattle
A. Bieber, M. Kramer, M. Erbe, B. Bapst, A. Isensee, V. Maurer and H. Simianer

15.30 Effect of season and management system on ‘Sfakion’ sheep milk fatty acid profile
N. Voutzourakis, N. Tzanidakis, I. Atsali, E. Franceschin, A. Stefanakis, S. Sotiraki, C. Leifert, S. Stergiadis, M.D. Eyre, G. Cozzi and G. Butler

16.15 Effects of different proportions of sainfoin pellets combined with hazel nut peels on infected lambs
M. Girard, S. Gaid, C. Mathieu, G. Vilarem, V. Gerfault, P. Gombault, F. Manolaraki and H. Hoste

16.30 Improving low input pig production systems
J.I. Leenhouwers

17.00 Can pig breeding contribute to the sustainability of low input production systems?
Invited L. Rydhmer and J.-L. Gourdine


Poster Session 42

Comparison of growth intensity and muscle thickness in Pinzgau and Limousine heifers
P. Polák, J. Tomka, M. Oravcová, D. Peškovicová, M. Michalicková and J. Huba

Effect of laying stage on egg characteristics and yolk fatty acid profile from different age geese
V. Razmaite and R. Šveistiene

PATUCHEV: an experimental device to assess high-performance and sustainable goat breeding systems
H. Caillat, A. Bonnes and P. Guillouet