Session 42. Genetics free communications

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Date: 30 August 2012; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Simianer

Theatre Session 

Genome-wide association mapping using single-step GBLUP
Misztal, I., Wang, H., Aguilar, I., Legarra, A. and Muir, B.

Estimation of dominance effects in paternally genotyped populations
Boysen, T.J., Heuer, C., Tetens, J. and Thaller, G.

Consequences of genomic imprinting in livestock genetic evaluation
Varona, L., Casellas, J., Moreno, C. and Altarriba, J.

Effect of linkage disequilibrium, haplotypes and family relations on accuracy of genomic prediction
Wientjes, Y.C.J., Veerkamp, R.F. and Calus, M.P.L.

A software pipeline for animal genetic evaluation
Truong, C.V.C., Krostitz, S., Fischer, R., Mueller, U. and Groeneveld, E.

Sparse structures for mixed model equations for different animal models
Masuda, Y.

Imputation from lower density marker panels to BovineHD in a multi-breed dataset
Schrooten, C., Van Binsbergen, R., Beatson, P. and Bovenhuis, H.

From the 50K chip to the HD: imputation efficiency in 9 French dairy cattle breeds
Hoze, C., Fouilloux, M.N., Venot, E., Guillaume, F., Dassonneville, R., Journaux, L., Boichard, D., Phocas, F., Fritz, S., Ducrocq, V. and Croiseau, P.

Significance and bias – choosing the best model for variance composition
Ilska, J.J., Kranis, A., Burt, D. and Woolliams, J.A.

Estimation of genetic parameters for longitudinal measurements of feed intake in Piétrain sire lines
Dufrasne, M., Jaspart, V., Wavreille, J. and Gengler, N.

Marker assisted selection for milk production traits in Churra dairy sheep
Sanchez, J.P., Garcia-Gamez, E., Gutierrez-Gil, B. and Arranz, J.J.

Combining approaches for the analysis of the genetic structure of Avileña-Negra Ibérica cattle breed
Martín-Collado, D., Toro, M.A., Abraham, K.J., Carabaño, M.J., Rodriguez-Ramilo, S.T. and Díaz, C.