Session 42. In the age of genotype, the breeding objective is queen (joint session with INTERBULL)

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Date: 3rd September 2015; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: M. Coffey/R. Reents

Theatre Session 42

Genomic background for increased stillbirth rate in short and long gestating cows
Invited G. Meszaros, S. Boison, M. Rauter, C. Fuerst and J. Solkner

Effect of including feed efficiency and beef production traits in the breeding goal for dairy cattle
P. Hietala and J. Juga

Genetically active dairy cows eat more feed and produce more milk but they are not more efficient
Invited G.F. Difford, J. Lassen and P. Lovendahl

Dissecting a complex trait – towards a balanced breeding goal for a better energy balance
N. Krattenmacher, G. Thaller and J. Tetens

Genetic parameters for carcass weight, age at slaughter and conformation of young bulls
I. Croue, M.N. Fouilloux, R. Saintilan and V. Ducrocq

Breeding for better welfare; feasibility and consequences
S.P. Turner, R. Roehe, J. Conington, S. Desire, I. Camerlink, R.B. D’eath and C.M. Dwyer

Genetic variability of MIR predicted milk technological properties in Walloon dairy cattle
F.G. Colinet, T. Troch, V. Baeten, F. Dehareng, P. Dardenne, M. Sindic and N. Gengler


Inclusion of polled geno- or phenotype into breeding goals: impact on genetic gain and inbreeding
C. Scheper, T. Yin and S. Konig

Comparison of two approaches to account for G×E interactions in South African Holstein cattle
A. Cadet, C. Patry, J.B. Van Wyk, L. Pienaar, F.W.C. Neser and V. Ducrocq

Direct health traits and rearing losses in the total merit index of Fleckvieh cattle
B. Fuerst-Waltl, C. Fuerst, W. Obritzhauser and C. Egger-Danner

Dairy breeding programs focusing on animal welfare and environment – a simulation study
A. Wallenbeck, T. Mirkena, T. Ahlman and L. Rydhmer

Derivation of economic values for breeding goal traits in conventional and organic dairy production
Invited M. Kargo, J.F. Ettema, L. Hjorto, J. Pedersen and S. Ostergard

Definition of breeding goals for dairy breeds in organic production systems
L. Hjorto, A.C. Sorensen, J.R. Thomasen, A. Munk, P. Berg and M. Kargo


Poster Session 42

Runs of homozygosity and deletion-type events form different patterns in cattle genome
A. Gurgul, T. Szmatoła, I. Jasielczuk and M. Bugno-Poniewierska

Inbreeding trends in Holstein cattle population
I. Pavlik, O. Kadlečik, J. Huba and D. Peškovičova

Genomic regions bearing the signatures of differential selection in two breeds of cattle
A. Gurgul, K. Pawlina, I. Jasielczuk, T. Ząbek, T. Szmatoła, M. Frys-Żurek and M. Bugno-Poniewierska

Kappa-casein (CSN3) alleles and genotypes frequencies in different breeds bulls used in Latvia
D. Jonkus and L. Paura

Dairy breeding objectives: the farmers’ perception
M. Klopčč

Survival analysis of productive life in Brazilian Holstein using a Weibull proportional hazard model
E.L. Kern, J.A. Cobuci, C.N. Costa and V. Ducrocq

Functional longevity in Polish Simmentals –genetic evaluation
M. Morek-Kopec and A. Zarnecki

Inserting of Interbull MACE values in national RR test day model in single-step genomic evaluation
J. Přbyl, J. Bauer, P. Pešk, J. Šlichal, L. Vostry and L. Zavadilova