Session 42. Livestock effects on the environment

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Date: 28 August 2014; 08:30 – 12:00 hours
Chairperson: S. Ingrand

Theatre Session 42

08.30 Livestock production: vulnerability to population growth and climate change
O.F. Godber and R. Wall

08.45 Designing a multicriteria index at farm-scale to assess dairy farm abandonment risk in mountain area
A.L. Jacquot and C. Laurent

09.00 Environmental and economic consequences of feeding increased amounts of solid feed to veal calves
H. Mollenhorst, P.B.M. Berentsen, H. Berends, W.J.J. Gerrits and I.J.M. De Boer

09.15 A dominance analysis of greenhouse gas emissions, beef output and land use of German dairy farms
M. Zehetmeier, H. Hoffmann, J. Sauer and D. O’Brien

09.30 Effects of dietary nitrate and lipid on methane emissions from beef cattle are basal diet dependant
J.A. Rooke, R.J. Wallace, C.-A. Duthie, S. Troy, J.J. Hyslop, D.W. Ross, T. Waterhouse and R. Roehe

09.45 Innovative lactation stage specific prediction of CH4 from milk MIR spectra
A. Vanlierde, M.-L. Vanrobays, F. Dehareng, E. Froidmont, N. Gengler, H. Soyeurt, S. McParland, E. Lewis, M.H. Deighton and P. Dardenne

10.00 Life cycle assessment of heavy pig production in a sample of Italian farms
G. Pirlo, S. Carè, G. Della Casa, R. Marchetti, G. Ponzoni, V. Faedi, V. Fantin, P. Masoni, P. Buttol and F. Falconi


10.45 Sustainability of the chicken supply chain in Lebanon: an evaluation system
R. El Balaa and C. Tannoury

11.00 Cost per kg of live pig obtained from a new information system of livestock activities in Mexico
E.E. Pérez-Martínez, R. Trueta and C. López


Poster Session 42

Are camel wrestling events able to save extinction of camel population in Turkey?
O. Yilmaz and M. Ertugrul

What do young French people think about livestock productions in 2014?
A.L. Jacquot, Y. Le Cozler and C. Disenhaus

Variation and repeatability of methane emission from dairy cows measured in two subsequent years
M.N. Haque, C. Cornou and J. Madsen

Environmental impact of high standards of animal health and welfare in Dutch meat production chains
D. De Rooij, M. Smits, J. Scholten, A. Moerkerken and J.W.G.M. Swinkels

Partial life cycle assessment of greenhouse gases emissions in dairy cattle farms of Southern Italy
A.S. Atzori, M.G. Serra, G. Todde, P. Giola, L. Murgia, F. Giunta, G. Zanirato and A. Cannas