Session 43. Challenges in poultry nutrition, health and welfare (1)

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Challenges in poultry nutrition, health, and welfare

Can monitoring of keel bone and skin damage at the slaughterhouse tell about hen welfare on-farm?
Jung,B. Kulig, H. Louton and U. Knierim

Efficacy of dietary selenium-loaded chitosan nanoparticles in rabbits and broiler chickens
Papadomichelakis,S. Fortatos, E. Giamouri, A.C. Pappas and S.N. Yannopoulos

Animal welfare in broilers free-range and organic systems: economic implications at farm level
Thobe,M. Almadani, M. Coletta, J. Hercule, A. Collin and J. Niemi

Riboflavin supply of different turkey lines fed diets with an organic-compliant riboflavin product
Thesing,P. Weindl, S. Göppel, S. Born, P. Hofmann, C. Lambertz and G. Bellof

In vitro anthelmintic evaluation of petroleum ether plant extracts against Ascaridia galli
Poulopoulou,M.J. Horgan, B. Siewert, L. Palmieri, E. Martinidou, S. Martens, P. Fusani, V. Temml, H. Stuppner and M. Gauly

Effect of key husbandry factors on chicken meat and carcass quality
Marchewka,P. Sztandarzki, M. Solka, H. Louton, E. Rauch, K. Rath, L. Vogt, W. Vogt-Kaute, D. Ruijter and I.C. De Jong

Effects of hatching system and enrichment on broiler chickens’ behaviour
Malchow,E.T. Krause, R. Molenaar, M.F. Giersberg and L. Schrader

Personality traits and exploratory behaviour of free-range slow growing broilers
Bonnefous,L. Calandreau, E. Le Bihan-Duval, V.H.B. Ferreira, A. Barbin, A. Collin, M. Reverchon, K. Germain, L. Ravon, N. Kruger, S. Mignon-Grasteau and V. Guesdon

Diagnostic performance of a copro-antigen ELISA to assess nematode infections in chickens
O.J. Oladosu, M. Hennies, M. Stehr, C.C. Metges, M. Gauly and G. Daş

Feather pecking and cannibalism of non-beaktrimmed turkeys in organic husbandry
Haug,B. Thesing, S. Göppel, S. Born, R. Schreiter, C. Lambertz, G. Bellof and E. Schmidt