Session 43. Free communications animal nutrition

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Date: 3rd September 2015; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: G. Van Duinkerken

Theatre Session 43

Modelling phosphorous intake, digestion, retention and excretion in pigs of different genotypes
I. Kyriazakis, V. Symeou and I. Leinonen

Consequences of nutritional strategies on decreasing phosphorous excretion from pig populations
I. Kyriazakis, V. Symeou and I. Leinonen

Using a value based method to determine the optimal dose of phytase for gestating and lactating sows
A.L. Wealleans and L.P. Barnard

Effect of forage particle size on phosphorus retention and levels in plasma and saliva in maintenance
A. Garcia-Robledo, A.H. Ramirez-Perez and S.E. Buntinx

Effects of structural and chemical changes of soy proteins during thermal processing on proteolysis
S. Salazar-Villanea, E.M.A.M. Bruininx and A.F.B. Van Der Poel

Starch degradability and energetic value of maize silage
J. Peyrat, E. Meslier, A. Le Morvan, A. Ferard, P.V. Protin, P. Noziere and R. Baumont

LCIA results of feedstuffs for French livestock
A. Wilfart, S. Dauguet, A. Tailleur, S. Willmann, M. Laustriat, M. Magnin and S. Espagnol


Comparison of urea and slow release urea, supplied in 4 portions a day, in dairy cattle
L. Vandaele, K. Goossens, J. De Boever and S. De Campeneere

Reconsidering acquisition and allocation in animal nutrition models to better understand efficiency
L. Puillet, D. Reale and N.C. Friggens

Data mining of in vitro and in vivo dietary intervention datasets
D. Schokker, I. Wijers and M.M. Hulst


Poster Session 43

Effect species on the chemical composition and nutritive value of oak tree Leaves
A.I. Atalay, M. Sahin, O. Kurt and E. Kaya

Effect of high N efficiency rations on N excretion in heavy pigs
D. Biagini and C. Lazzaroni

Effect of dietary crude protein on water intake and manure production by pigs
A.N.T.R. Monteiro, J.-Y. Dourmad, P.A.V. De Oliveira and T.M. Bertol

Synchronous least-cost ration formulation using nonlinear programming
A.A. Aboamer, S.A.H. Abo El-Nor, A.M. Kholif, H.M. Saleh, I.M. Khattab, M.M. Khorshed, M.S. Khattab and H.M. El-Sayed

Phosphorous sources for ruminants
K.L.A. Yokobatake, M.A. Zanetti, J.A. Cunha, R.S.S. Santana and W.L. Souza

In situ rumen degradation kinetics of four sorghum varieties in Nili Ravi buffalo bulls
M. Ali, H. Nawaz and U. Ashfaq

The energy (oil) sparing effect of LYSOFORTER on the performance of growing-finishing pigs
Y.J. Ji, C.H. Lee, J.S. Hong, H.B. Yoo, S.O. Nam and Y.Y. Kim

Biohydrogenation of linoleic acid by the rumen bacterium Butyrivibrio fibrisolvens as affected by pH
M.R.G. Maia, R.J.B. Bessa, A.R.J. Cabrita, A.J.M. Fonseca and R.J. Wallace

Tracing the potential of Portuguese seaweeds as ruminant feed
A.R.J. Cabrita, M.R.G. Maia, I. Sousa-Pinto, A.A. Almeida and A.J.M. Fonseca

Impact of a new bacterial phytase on protein, energy and mineral utilization in broilers and piglets
A. Cerisuelo, M. Cambra-Lopez, E.A. Gomez, L. Rodenas, P. Ferrer, B. Farinos, P. Ano, R. Marques, I. Salaet, R. Aligue and J.J. Pascual

Effects of forage type and protein supplementation on chewing and faecal particle size in sheep
P. Norgaard, S. Hedlund, S. Muche, A. Arnesson and E. Nadeau

Different sources of glycerol on fermentation parameters and in vitro digestibility of corn silage
J.M.B. Ezequiel, E.S. Castro Filho, M.T.C. Almeida, J.R. Paschoaloto, I. Monsignati and E.H.C.B. Van Cleef

Effect of diets containing blue lupin seeds on rabbit doe milk yield and the growth of their litters
L. Uhliřova, Z. Volek, M. Marounek, E. Tůmova and V. Skřivanova

Effect of lipids source and supplementation frequency on intake of grazing heifers
M.C.A. Santana, V.C. Modesto, R.A. Reis, G. Fiorentine, J.F.H. Rodrigues, J. Cavali and T.T. Berchielli

Effect of dietary energy level on the zootechnicals performances of rabbits bred in hot climate
Y. Dahmani, H. Ainbaziz, N. Benali, D. Saidj, M. Chirane, G. Ahmil, N. Tazkrit and S. Temim

Evaluation of reduced nutrient levels in growing-finishing pig diets
A.N.T.R. Monteiro, J.-Y. Dourmad, T.M. Bertol, P.A.V. De Oliveira and A.M. Kessler

In vitro methanogenic potential of three cultivars of Trifolium pratense
M.D.E.J. Marichal, L. Piaggio, R. Crespi, G. Arias, S. Furtado, M.J. Cuitino and M. Rebuffo

Influence of diet type and dietary magnesium on mineral status in lactating dairy cows
P. Schlegel, M. Rerat, M. Girard and A. Gutzwiller

Valine deficiency in piglet diets can be partly compensated by β-alanine
A. Cools, C. De Moor, A. Lauwaerts, W. Merckx and G.P.J. Janssens

Production and caecal microbial counts of broilers fed with wheat-barley based diets and dry whey
C. Pineda-Quiroga, R. Atxaerandio, A. Hurtado, R. Ruiz and A. Garcia-Rodriguez

Production, duodenal histomorphometry and caecal microbial counts of broilers fed with dry whey
C. Pineda-Quiroga, R. Atxaerandio, A. Hurtado, R. Ruiz and A. Garcia-Rodriguez

Biofortificated milk: selenium and vitamin E in cow’s diet to improve nutritional components in milk
M.S.V. Salles, A. Saran Netto, L.C. Roma Junior, M.A. Zanetti, F.A. Salles and K. Pfrimer

Effects of dietary crude protein and energy levels on carcass trait and blood composition on rabbit
N. Benali, H. Ainbaziz, Y. Dahmani, D. Saidj, S. Bouzidi, N. Kedachi, R. Bellabes, M. Cherrane and S. Temim

Feed conversion and meat quality: bulls or steers?
A. Simeone, V. Beretta, C.J. Caorsi and J. Franco

Prediction of fatty acid profile on the basis of their content in the feed or blood plasma
A.M. Brzozowska, M. Lukaszewicz, P. Micek and J.M. Oprzadek

Response of early-weaned beef calves to graded levels of sorghum wet distiller grains in the diet
A. Simeone, V. Beretta, M. Acuna, M. Loustau and A. Suarez

Substitution effect of corn by barley on growth performance and digestive tract of broilers
H. Belabbas, N. Adili and A. Benkhaled

Effect of rats dietary supplementation on ALA, EPA and DHA content in muscles and intramuscular fat
T. Wysoczanski, E. Sokola-Wysoczanska, A. Prescha, R. Bodkowski, B. Patkowska-Sokola and K. Czyz

Effect of a complex-enzyme incorporated in the diet on zootechnical performances of broilers
W. Doumandji, H. Ainbaziz, L. Sahraoui, H. Boudina, R. Kaddour and S. Temim

Nutritive value and protein molecular structure of yellow and black canola seed
K. Theodoridou and P. Yu

Determination of AMEn of different oil and powder fat sources for broilers in starter period
F. Sadi and H. Moravej

In vitro rumen fermentation of three varieties of sorghum grain, with or without polyethylene glycol
Z. Amanzougarene, A. Gimeno and M. Fondevila

Growth performance of growing osimi lambs fed diets containing different levels of carob pulp
S. Abdel-Magid, I. Awadalla and M. Mohamed

Growth performance of rahmani lambs fed complete feed mixture containing new source of roughage
S. Abdel-Magid, I. Awadalla and M. Mohamed

Effects of different levels of patulin on in vitro ruminal microbial fermentation
M. Mojtahedi

Dried black soldier fly larvae Hermetia illucens in diets to growing pigs
R.V. Nekrasov, M.G. Chabaev, L.A. Pashkova, N.V. Bogolubova, N.A. Ushakova, L.Z. Kravtsova, I.V. Pravdin