Session 43. Free communications in animal management and health

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Date: 31 August 2011; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Das

Theatre Session 43

Poster Session 43

  • Spectrum, prevalence and intensity of helminth infections in laying hens kept in organic free range systems in Germany
    Kaufmann, F., Das, G., Sohnrey, B. and Gauly, M.
  • The effect of pasture feeding system on udder health of cows
    Frelich, J. and Šlachta, M.
  • Risk of stress associated to rumenocentesis: benefits of local anaesthesia?
    Mialon, M.M., Deiss, V., Andanson, S., Anglard, F., Doreau, M. and Veissier, I.
  • Effect of oral treatment with bovine lactoferrin on plasma concentrations of metabolites and hormones in preruminant calves
    Kushibiki, S., Shingu, H. and Moriya, N.
  • Effects of temperature humidity index (THI) on the behaviour of dairy cows
    Sanker, C., Kroos, A.,-T. and Gauly, M.
  • Serum protein profiles as biomarker for infectious disease status in pigs
    Stockhofe-Zurwieden, N., Mulder, H.A., Koene, M.G.J., Kruijt, L. and Smits, M.A.
  • Detection of the Aleutian mink disease virus infection by antibody and PCR
    Farid, A.H., Hussain, I., Rupasinghe, P.P., Stephen, J., Arju, I. and Gunn, J.T.
  • Association of herd characteristics with reproductive performance in dairy herds
    Brouwer, H., Bartels, C.J.M., Muskens, J. and Van Schaik, G.
  • Current state of the healthier goats project in Norway
    Lindheim, D., Leine, N., Sølverød, L. and Hardeng, F.
  • Identification of carriers with mutations causing citrullinaemia and factor XI deficiency in Khuzestan cattle population of Iran
    Eydivandi, S., Seyedabadi, H.R. and Amirinia, C.
  • Effects of vaccum level and pulsation rate on milk flow traits in Tunisian Maghrebi camels (Camelus dromedarius)
    Atigui, M., Hammadi, M., Barmat, A., Khorchani, T. and Marnet, P.G.