Session 43. One day Symposium on South American Camelids and Other Fibre Animals

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Date: 29 August 2013; 08:30 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Allain

Theatre Session 43

08.30 Fibre genetics on alpaca
Invited J.P. Gutiérrez

09.00 Design of a community-based llama breeding program in Peru: a multi-stakeholder process
M. Wurzinger, A. Rodriguez and G. Gutierrez

09.15 Performance of alpacas from a dispersed open nucleus in Pasco region, Peru
G. Gutierrez, J. Candio, J. Ruiz, A. Corredor and E. Flores

09.30 Characterization of llama (Lama glama) milk proteins
B. Saadaoui, L. Bianchi, C. Henry, G. Miranda, P. Martin and C. Cebo

09.45 Energy requirements during lactation in llamas (Lama glama)
A. Riek, A. Klinkert, M. Gerken, J. Hummel, E. Moors and K.-H. Südekum

10.45 Genes involved in hair follicle cycle of cashmere goat
Invited W. Zhang, D. Allain, R. Su, J. Li and W. Wang

11.00 SNP mapping of QTL affecting wool traits in a sheep backcross Sarda × Lacaune resource population
D. Allain, S. Miari, M.G. Usai, F. Barillet, T. Sechi, R. Rupp, S. Casu and A. Carta

11.30 The agouti gene in black and brown alpaca
C. Bathrachalaman, C. Renieri, V. La Manna and A. La Terza

11.45 Fine mapping of birthcoat type in the Romane breed sheep
M. Cano, D. Allain, D. Foulquié, C.R. Moreno, P. Mulsant, D. François, J. Demars and G. Tosser-Klopp

12.00 The DNA-Project of the llama and alpaca registry Europe (LAREU)
C. Kiesling

12.15 Animal welfare problems in alpacas and llamas in Europe
I. Gunsser

14.00 Animal fibers in Argentina: production and research
Invited J.P. Mueller, M.E. Elvira and D.M. Sacchero

14.30 Animal fiber production in Turkey: present situation and future
G. Dellal, F. Söylemezoglu, Z. Erdogan, E. Pehlivan and Ö. Köksal

14.45 Genetic trends for fleece traits in South African Angora goats
M.A. Snyman, E. Van Marle-Koster and C. Visser

15.00 Selection and genetic variability of the French Angora goat breed: 30 years of a breeding program
C. Danchin-Burge and D. Allain

16.15 Processing and commercial opportunities for European animal fibre producers
Invited N. Thompson

16.45 Regional projects valuing wool in Europe
Invited M.T. Chaupin


Poster Session 43

Intra-chromosomal recombination of Agouti gene in white alpaca
C. Bathrachalaman, C. Renieri, V. La Manna and A. La Terza

High degree of variability within as1-casein in llama (Lama glama) identified by isoelectric focusin
I.J. Giambra, S. Jäger, M. Gauly, C. Pouillon and G. Erhardt

Effect of linseed (flax) ingestion and oil skin-application on hair growth in rabbits
K.B. Beroual, Z.M. Maameri, B.B. Benleksira, A.A. Agabou and Y.H.P. Hamdi Pacha

EAAP Animal Fibre Working Group (AFWG): experience of funding applications to the EC COST Framework
C. Renieri, M. Gerken, D. Allain, J.P. Gutierez, R. Niznikowski, A. Rosati and H. Galbraith

Issues and challenges for animal fibre in Europe: a view of EAAP AFWG (Animal Fibre Working Group)
C. Renieri, M. Gerken, D. Allain, M. Antonini, J.P. Gutierez, R. Niznikowski, A. Rosati and H. Galbraith