Session 43. Pig behaviour and/or machine learning

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Date: Wednesday 29 August 2018; 14.00 – 18.00
Chair: E.F. Knol

Theatre Session 43

Sow maternal characteristics of two genetic selection lines in an outdoor farrowing system
L.J. Pedersen, S.-L.A. Schild, M.K. Bonde and T. Serup

Cognitive bias and group preference when housing fattening pigs in a small vs very large group
U. König Von Borstel, A. Kiani and H. Schwanhold

Do farrowing and rearing systems affect the agonistic behaviour of pigs at regrouping?
A. Lange, C. Lambertz, S. Ammer, M. Gauly and I. Traulsen

Tail position as pig welfare indicator in commercially raised pigs with intact tails
T. Wallgren, A. Larsen and S. Gunnarsson

Rearing undocked pigs on fully-slatted floors using multiple enrichment and variety: a pilot
J.-Y. Chou, C.M.V. Drique, D.A. Sandercock, R.B. D’Eath and K. O’Driscoll

PigWatch: early automated detection of tail biting and aggression
H.A.M. Spoolder, M. Zebunke, E. Labyt, C. Godin, C. Tallet, A. Prunier, S. Dippel, B. Früh, M. Dall Aaslyng, H. Daugaard Larsen and H.M. Vermeer

Boosted regression trees to predict pneumonia, growth and meat percentage of slaughter pigs
H. Mollenhorst, K.H. De Greef, B.J. Ducro, B. Hulsegge, A.H. Hoving-Bolink, R.F. Veerkamp and C. Kamphuis

Automatic estimation of slaughter pig live weight using convolutional neural networks
D.B. Jensen, K.N. Dominiak and L.J. Pedersen

Hacking CASA to predict boar semen fertility
C. Kamphuis, B. Visser, P. Duenk, G. Singh, A. Nisch, R.M. De Mol, R.F. Veerkamp and M.L.W.J. Broekhuijse

Improving prediction accuracy of meat tenderness in Nelore cattle using artificial neural networks
F.B. Lopes, C.U. Magnabosco, T.L. Passafaro, L.F.M. Mota, M.G. Narciso, G.J.M. Rosa and F. Baldi