Session 43. Pig nutrition in gestation, lactation and progeny development

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Date: 28 August 2014; 08:30 – 12:00 hours
Chairperson: G. Bee

Theatre Session 43

08.30 The effect of different dietary energy levels during rearing and mid-gestation on gilt performance
S.L. Thingnes, E. Hallenstvedt, E. Sandberg and T. Framstad

08.45 The effect of dietary energy levels during rearing and first gestation on sow lifetime performance
S.L. Thingnes, A.H. Gaustad, N.P. Kjos, E. Sandberg and T. Framstad

09.00 Nutrient balances of energy, lysine and nitrogen in late gestating and early lactating sows
T. Feyera and P.K. Theil

09.15 The ratio between energy and lysine is essential to improve milk yield in sows
C. Flummer, T. Feyera, U. Krogh, T. Hinrichsen, T.S. Bruun and P.K. Theil

09.30 The effect of dietary valine-to-lysine ratio of lactating sows on milk composition and piglet gain
A.V. Hansen, T.S. Bruun and C.F. Hansen

09.45 Preweaning mortality in SWAP farrowing pens
J. Hales, V.A. Moustsen, M.B.F. Nielsen and C.F. Hansen

10.00 Saliva cortisol levels of nurse sows and ordinary sows through lactation
C. Amdi, V.A. Moustsen, G. Sørensen, L.C. Oxholm and C.F. Hansen


10.45 Effect of radiant heating at the birth place of newborn piglet
H.M.-L. Andersen and L.J. Pedersen

11.00 The protein level fed to mink dams before implantation affects fetal survival rate
C.F. Matthiesen and A.-H. Tauson

11.15 Behaviour and performance of sows housed with continuous or temporary confinement during lactation
C. Lambertz, M. Petig, A. Elkmann and M. Gauly


Poster Session 43

Effects of arginine and carnitine supplementation on growth performance in low birth weight piglets
J.G. Madsen, S. Müller, M. Kreuzer and G. Bee

Scutellaria baïcalensis extract improves milk production in hyperprolific sows
L. Boudal and L. Roger

Review of scientific knowledge on the nutrition of the highly prolific modern sow
A. Craig and E. Magowan

Piglet colostrum intake and birth weight are equally important for weaning weight
U. Krogh, T.S. Bruun, C. Amdi, J. Poulsen, C. Flummer and P.K. Theil

Evaluation of an on-farm method to assess colostrum quality in sows
A. Balzani, H.J. Cordell and S.A. Edwards

The volume and economic efficiency of production in reconstructed piggery using hyperprolific sows
M. Sviben