Session 44. Cattle feeding practices and efficiency

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Date: 31 August 2016; 8:30- 10:00 hours
Chairperson: V. Cabrera / M. Klopcic


Theatre Session 44

Performance of dairy cows offered silages produced from grass swards or red clover/grass swards
D.J. Johnston, A.J. Dale and C.P. Ferris

Rumen temperature monitoring to assess feed efficiency of dairy cows
A. Fischer and P. Faverdin

Is PUFA transfer from grass to milk different during grazing compared with indoor feeding?
A. Elgersma

The effect of supplementing two levels of rumen buffer on rumen and milk parameters in dairy cows
P.S.J. Van Adrichem, P.A. Abrahamse and G.F. Schroeder

Novel selection criteria for rumen microbial genes to improve feed efficiency and methane mitigation
R. Roehe, R.J. Dewhurst, C.-A. Duthie, J.A. Rooke, N. McKain, D.W. Ross, J.J. Hyslop, A. Waterhouse, T.C. Freeman, M. Watson and R.J. Wallace

Isolation and characterization of nutritionally important lactic acid bacteria from cattle gut
S. Ghazanfar, M. Qubita, F. Hassan, A. Muhammad, I. Ahmed and I. Muhammad

Impact of nutritional grouping on the economics of dairy production efficiency
V.E. Cabrera

Effect of preweaning plane of nutrition on body size and age at puberty in dairy calves
A. Mendoza, S. De Trinidad, C. Viñoles, C. Cajarville, T. Morales, M. Pla, D. Ubilla, J. Soutto and E. Garófalo

Relationship between methane emission, residual feed intake and carcass traits of beef cattle
M.E.Z. Mercadante, P. Dominguez, J.N.S.G. Cyrillo, R.C. Canesin, L.F. Oliveira and L.G. Albuquerque

Finishing strategies for dairy bulls slaughtered at 15 months of age
B. Murphy, A.K. Kelly and R. Prendiville

Effects of dietary nitrate and increased lipid concentration on the performance of finishing steers
C.-A. Duthie, J. Rooke, S. Troy, J. Hyslop, D. Ross, A. Waterhouse and R. Roehe

n vitro degradability of selected Nigerian forages for their use in ruminant diets
O.J. Bolaji, A.S. Chaudhry and J. Dolfing

Identification of Genetic Markers Associated with Feeding Efficiency in Holstein fattening Calves
M. Cohen-Zinder, A. Asher, E. Lipkin, R. Agmon, A. Brosh and A. Shabtay


Posters Session

Minerals in forage for dairy cows
B. Johansson and M. Åkerlind

Effect of new sustained-release non-protein nitrogen on performance of dairy cows
J. Roquet, M. Agovino and H. Warren

Continuous measurement of pH in rumen of dairy cows fed with three total mix ratios
R. Loucka, P. Homolka, F. Jancik, P. Kubelkova, Y. Tyrolova, A. Vyborna and M. Michalickova

Use of dietary cation-anion difference (DCAD) in formulating dry cow rations
M. Agovino, P. Colturato and H. Warren

Effect of dietary cation–anion differences on rumen fermentation, digestibility and milk production
S. El-Mashed and H. Moussa

Carcass traits of Nelore steers in different Brazil grazing systems
R.R.S. Corte, S.L. Silva, A.F. Pedroso, R.T. Nassu, R.R. Tullio, A. Berndt, L.S. Sakamoto, P.H.M. Rodrigues and P.P.A. Oliveira