Session 44. Improving fertility and udder health

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Date: 29 August 2013; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Klopcic

Theatre Session 44

08.30 Improving the reliability of fertility breeding values through better data capture
Invited J.E. Pryce

09.00 Genomic predictions of clinical mastitis within and between environments
K. Haugaard, L. Tusell, P. Perez, D. Gianola, A.C. Whist and B. Heringstad

09.15 Physiology of cows with divergent genetic merit for fertility traits during the transition period
S.G. Moore, P. Lonergan, T. Fair and S.T. Butler

09.30 Genetic evaluation of mastitis liability and recovery through longitudinal models of simulated SCC
B.G. Welderufael, D.J. De Koning, W.F. Fikse, E. Strandberg, J. Franzén and O.F. Christensen

09.45 Metabolic disorders and reproduction in dairy cows receiving folic acid and vitamin B12 supplement
M. Duplessis, C.L. Girard, D.E. Santschi, J. Durocher and D. Pellerin

10.00 Genetics of mastitis in the Walloon Region of Belgium
C. Bastin, J. Vandenplas, A. Lainé and N. Gengler

10.45 Potential use of mid-infrared milk spectrum in pregnancy diagnosis of dairy cows
A. Laine, A. Goubau, L.M. Dale, H. Bel Mabrouk, H. Hammami and N. Gengler

11.00 Relationships between udder health, milking speed and udder conformation in Austrian Fleckvieh
C. Fuerst and B. Fuerst-Waltl

11.15 Are milk content traits adequate ketosis indicators?
B. Fuerst-Waltl, H. Manzenreiter, C. Egger-Danner and W. Zollitsch

11.30 Genetic trends for fertility in Swedish Red cattle using different models
S. Eriksson, W.F. Fikse, H. Hansen Axelsson and K. Johansson

11.45 Early pregnancy diagnosis in cattle using blood or milk samples
L. Commun, K. Velek, J.B. Barbry, S. Pun, A. Rice, C. Egli and S. Leterme

12.00 Indirect online detection of udder health with an automated California Mastitis Test
A.-C. Neitzel, W. Junge and G. Thaller


Poster Session 44

Reproductive performance in primiparous beef cows showing different growth patterns
A. Sanz, J.A. Rodríguez-Sánchez and I. Casasús

Potential of probiotics and their glycopeptides in treatment of bacterial mastitis in dairy cows
G. Gulbe and A. Valdovska

Late embyronic losses identified by ultrasonagraphy on four dairy farms from Trinidad
K. Beharry, A. Mohammed and N. Siew

Effect of genetic merit for energy balance on postpartum reproductive function in dairy cows
N. Buttchereit, R. Von Leesen, J. Tetens, E. Stamer, W. Junge and G. Thaller

Effect of enzymatic supplement on some reproductive and biological parameters of Ossimi sheep
A. Al-Momani, E.B. Abdallah, F.A. Khalil, H.M. Gado and F.S. Al-Barakeh

Rapid identification of Corynebacterium spp. in bovine milk by MALDI/TOF-MS
J.L. Gonçalves, P.A.C. Braga, J.R. Barreiro, T. Tomazi, C.R. Ferreira, S.H.I. Lee, J.P. Araujo jr., M.N. Eberlin and M.V. Santos

Improving repeat breeder cows fertility by synchronizing ovulation and timed insemination
M. Kaim, H. Gasitua and U. Moallem

Genetic analysis of atypical progesterone profiles in Holstein cows from experimental research herds
S. Nyman, K. Johansson, D.P. Berry, D.J. De Koning, R.F. Veerkamp, E. Wall and B. Berglund