Session 44. Nutrient sensing and signalling in the gastrointestinal tract; mechanisms, physiological significance and impact on animal’s performance and health

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Date: 30 August 2012; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Shirazi-Beechey

Theatre Session

Nutrient sensing in the lingual epithelium
Margolskee, R.F.

Glucose sensing in the intestinal tract; relevance to gut heath
Shirazi-Beechey, S.P.

The extracellular calcium sensing receptor, CaSR, as a nutrient sensor in physiology and disease
Riccardi, D., Brennan, S.C., Davies, T., Schepelmann, M., Iarova, P. and Kemp, P.J.

Lipid sensing in the gut mucosa; regulation of gut function and food intake
Raybould, H.E.

G protein-coupled receptors, nutritional and therapeutic targets
Milligan, G.

Sweet sensing by gut lactobacillus enhances its growth and population abundance
Daly, K., Hall, N., Bravo, D. and Shirazi-Beechey, S.P.

Nutrient sensing by the immune system: the role of the intestinal microbiota
Bailey, M., Inman, C.F., Christoforidou, Z. and Lewis, M.C.


Poster Session 

Does calf starter composition affect unweaned dairy calves’ preferences to grass-clover silage?
Vestergaard, M., Nielsen, M.F., Weisbjerg, M.R. and Kristensen, N.B.

Effect of dietary free or protein-bound Lys, Thr, and Met on expression of b0,+ and myosin in pigs
Grageola, F., García, H., Morales, A., Araiza, A., Arce, N. and Cervantes, M.