Session 44. Sheep and goat production systems in mountain areas – where are we and where are we going?

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Trends in mountain sheep farming in Europe over the past 40 years – challenges and opportunities
Morgan-Davies,T. Zanon, M.K. Schneider, C.M. Pauler, Ø. Holand, A. Bernués, P. Dovc, M. Gauly and G. Cozzi

Mountain Sheep in Polish Carpathians – centuries of tradition and present day
Kawęcka,M. Puchała, M. Pasternak and J. Sikora

Attacks of wolves (Canis lupus) on the herds of native breeds of sheep in the Polish Carpathians
Pasternak,M. Puchała, A. Kawęcka and J. Sikora

Welfare assessment of dairy goats extensively reared in mountain ranges
Mattiello,M. Renna, L. Battaglini and M. Battini

Prediction of sheep daily gain in Swiss sheep populations
Burren,C. Aeschlimann and H. Joerg

Association of farming descriptors with sheep bulk-milk quality from semi-extensive flocks
Caddeo,D. Brugnone, N. Amalfitano, G. Bittante, G.M. Vacca and M. Pazzola

Relationships between the rumen ciliate protozoa, carcass characteristics and lamb meat quality
A.E. Francisco, J. Santos-Silva, A.P. Portugal, J.M. Almeida and R.J.B. Bessa

Effects of ewes’ GH2-Z genotypes on milk parameters and fresh cheese traits
M.R. Marques, J.M. Almeida, J.M.B. Ribeiro, A.P.L. Martins, C.C. Belo and A.T. Belo

The role of the lactose in the milk coagulation properties of Sarda dairy sheep
Carta,F. Correddu, A. Cesarani and N.P.P. Macciotta


Relationship between bacterial communities and volatile aroma compounds of a ewe’s raw milk cheese
Santamarina-García,G. Amores, I. Hernández and M. Virto

Goat milk fatty acid profile as affected by the inclusion of cocoa bean shell in the goat diet
Renna,C. Lussiana, L. Colonna, V.M. Malfatto, A. Mimosi and P. Cornale

The impact of bacterial shifts on several quality and safety parameters of a ewe’s raw milk cheese
Santamarina-García,G. Amores, I. Hernández and M. Virto

May dietary fatty acids with antilipogenic effect influence milk fat content in sheep?
DellaBadia, G. Hervás, R. Gervais, P. Frutos and P.G. Toral

The growth, feed intake and back fat deposition of South African Boer goats
T.S. Brand, J.P. Van Der Westhuizen and J.H.C. Van Zyl