Session 45. Free communications in genetics; genetic diversity and disease genetics

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Date: 31 August 2016; 8:30- 10:00 hours
Chairperson: J. Fernandez Martin


Theatre Session 45

The important and often forgotten role of managing genetic diversity
invited C. Maltecca, J. Howard and F. Tiezzi

What do we mean by runs of homozygosity? Assessing effect of parameters involved in their detection
S.T. Rodríguez-Ramilo and J. Fernández

Predicting autozygosity via runs of homozygosity from NGS versus SNP chip data for Nellore bulls
J. Sölkner, M. Milanesi, N. Khayatzadeh, A.T. Utsunomiya, M. Ferencakovic, I. Curik, P. Ajmone Marsan, J.F. Garcia and Y.T. Utsunomiya

Inbreeding depression for semen quality traits in cattle: estimation and dissection
M. Ferenčaković, I. Curik, M. Kaps and J. Sölkner

Using runs of homozygosity to locate a new recessive mutation in a rare breed of cattle
G.E. Pollott and D.C. Wathes

Investigating Runs of Homozygosity using Whole-Genome Sequence Data in Holstein Bulls
N. Melzer, M. Sargolzaei and C. Baes


Optimum contribution selection for populations with introgression from other breeds
R. Wellmann and J. Bennewitz

The domestication history of sheep and goat
P. Orozco-Terwengel, F. Alberto, I. Streeter, M. Bruford and Nextgen Consortium

Creation of sheep divergent lines for gastro-intestinal parasitism resistance based on a QTL index
C.R. Moreno, S. Aguerre, F. Bouvier, A. Blanchard, C. Koch, J. Cortet, P. Jacquiet and G. Sallé

Mapping genomic regions associated with resistance to infectious diseases in Ethiopian chicken
A. Psifidi, G. Banos, O. Matika, T.T. Desta, J. Bettridge, D.A. Hume, D. Tadelle, R. Christley, P. Wigley, O. Hanotte and P. Kaiser

Functional SNP in a polygenic disease induced by high-altitude in fattening Angus steers
A. Canovas, R.R. Cockrum, D. Brown, S. Riddle, J. Neary, T. Holt, G.M. Krafsur, J.F. Medrano, A. Islas-Trejo, M. Enns, S. Speidel,  K. Cammack, K.R. Stenmark and M.G. Thomas

Genetic parameters for health traits in a multi-breed sheep population
A.C. O’Brien, N. McHugh, E. Wall, T. Pabiou, K. McDermott, S. Randles, S. Fair and D.P. Berry

Variation in the prion protein in Dutch goats for selective breeding to eradicate Scrapie
J.J. Windig, R.A.H. Hoving, J. Priem, L.J.M. Van Keulen, J.P.M. Langeveld and A. Bossers


Posters Session

Estimation of inbreeding based on runs of homozygosity in Finnish Ayrshire population
K. Martikainen and P. Uimari

Analysis of runs of homozygosity and genomic inbreeding in bulls of nine Swiss cattle breeds
H. Signer-Hasler, A. Burren, M. Neuditschko, B. Gredler, B. Bapst, M. Frischknecht, D. Garrick, C. Stricker and C. Flury

Patterns of runs of homozygosity in four cattle breeds maintained in Poland
T. Szmatoła, A. Gurgul, K. Ropka-Molik, I. Jasielczuk, T. Ząbek and M. Bugno-Poniewierska

Integration of genetics with Zooarchaeology; Challenges of the MendTheGap
P. Miracle, V. Cubric-Curik, T. Kivisild, S. Radović, M. Ferenčaković, D. Marchi, A. Oroš-Sršen, J. Mauh Lenardić, D. Radovčić, S. Forenbaher, A. Džidić and I. Curik

Do seven South African cattle breeds differ genetically?
L. Pienaar-Van Der Westhuizen, M. Scholtz, F. Neser and M. Macneil

Refining cattle breed proportion using genomic data
T.R. Carthy, R.D. Evans and D.P. Berry

Genomic characterisation of Pinzgau cattle based on high-throughput molecular information
V. Šidlová, N. Moravčíková, M. Ferenčaković, M. Simčič, G. Mészáros, A. Trakovická, O. Kadlečík, I. Curik and R. Kasarda

Genetic and molecular characterization of native goat flock of INRA-Tunisia
S. Bedhiaf-Romdhani, Y. Ressaissi, A. Biao, M. Amills and M. Ben Hamouda

Genetic diversity of three local chicken breeds using high-density SNP-data
S. Gfeller, S. Joller, A. Burren, M. Neuditschko, C. Flury, C. Drögemüller, E. Kump, P. Ammann and A. Spiri

Search of selection signatures between fine wool and coarse wool sheep breeds
B. Gutiérrez-Gil, I. Gómez-Redondo, P. Wiener, A. Suárez-Vega and J.J. Arranz

Genetic structure of different Italian and Mexican chicken populations
M.G. Strillacci, E. Gorla, F. Schiavini, M.C. Cozzi, S.I. Roman-Ponce, F.J. Ruiz-Lopez, R.T.M.M. Prinsen, V.E. Vega-Murillo, S. Cerolini and A. Bagnato

The effect of Pinzgauer admixture on the coat colour of Cika cattle
M. Simčič, G. Mlakar, D. Bojkovski and D. Kompan

Genetic relationships accross different strata of data according to genomic herd descriptors
S. König and T. Yin

Between breed variation in resistance to H. contortus in three indigenous goat breeds in Uganda
R.B. Onzima, R. Mukiibi, B.K. Katali, J.A.M. Van Arendonk, E. Kanis and H. Komen

The bovine genome-wide array as a source of novel SNPs in Red deer
R. Kasarda, N. Moravčíková, A. Trakovická and O. Kadlečík

Selecting on fat and protein content instead of milk yield would not improve dairy cows’ fertility
N. Bedere, C. Disenhaus, V. Ducrocq, S. Leurent-Colette and L. Delaby

Impacts of parentage identification in the genetic evaluation of Nellore animals in a selection herd
L.R. Silva, J.P. Eler, E.C. Mattos and J.B.S. Ferraz

Identification of reproductive trait loci by GWAS of Large White pigs from three breeding population
K. Suzuki, R. Otsu, K. Katoh, Y. Suda, E. Kobayashi, S. Mikawa and M. Taniguchi

Defining a breeding objective for Nile tilapia for Kenyan smallholder production system
S.K. Omasaki, J.A.M. Van Arendonk, A.K. Kahi and H. Komen

Genetic parameters for susceptibility to bovine herpesvirus-1 in dairy cattle
S.C. Ring, R.G. Sayers, N. Byrne, E. O’Brien, M.L. Doherty and D.P. Berry

Egg physicochemical and fatty acids composition of Portuguese autochthonous chicken breeds
M.L. Soares, J.C. Lopes, G. Thompson and J. Carvalheira